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The Global Migration Centre (GMC) conducts advanced research, provides policy-oriented expertise and publications as well as training on the multifaceted causes and consequences of global migration. While our primary function is to lead policy and academic research, we also regularly organise events, expert meetings and conferences. Through these various activities, we offer a unique interface between academia, the international community and the civil society. The distinctive features and assets of the GMC owe much to our focus on the transnational dimensions of migration and its interdisciplinary orientation in order to fully grasp the complexities of mobility in a globalised world. 

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Recent News


Panel Discussion on Migration for the African Group
In cooperation with the Permanent Delegation of the African Union and the Permanent Mission of Ethiopia to the UN Office in Geneva, the GMC held a high-level seminar on 04 October 2017. 

New research project on National Borders and Social Boundaries in Europe
The GMC is pleased to announce that Prof. Alessandro Monsutti has been awarded a grant from the SNSF for the research project entitled “National Borders and Social Boundaries in Europe: the case of Friuli."

Migrants' Rights Law Clinic
Vincent Chetail has launched the Migrants’ Rights Law Clinic, which provides governments, international and non-governmental organisations with objective pro bono expertise on issues relating to migrants’ human rights.
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