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17 décembre 2018

Research Handbook on Global Health Law

The effect of globalisation on health has attracted the attention of scholars and policymakers across multiple disciplines. But it is the first time that a research handbook (Edward Elgar) presents a comprehensive coverage of contemporary issues in global health law and governance, as explained by Adjunct Professor Gian Luca Burci, coeditor with Brigit Toebes. For the first time, a group of law and...
13 décembre 2018

Is the Transition Over?

“Transition” has become a convenient trope or “buzzword” expressing both uncertainty and hope. It means not only the passage from one place or state or set of circumstances to another but also a sense...

12 décembre 2018

David Held on how to affect global change

Multilateral cooperation is failing when we need it most. Multipolarity, fragmentation of issue areas, institutional inertia, and harder and more complex problems have contributed to gridlock in world...