About the Centre

The Global Governance Centre provides a forum for students, faculty, and policy practitioners to discuss and critically examine recent theoretical and empirical research on international governance across issue domains. Interdisciplinary in its approach, the Centre’s core activities include research; a visitor’s programme; and events.


The Centre emphasizes analysis of the “transnational” dimensions of contemporary governance, engaging a wide variety of public and private actors. Research findings are disseminated through publications, teaching, and academic and public events. Research is focused on four clusters: Global Politics of Knowledge, International Organisations and Global Policy Making, International Sanctions and Their Effectiveness, and Politics of International Law.

Current research topics include:


Each year, the Centre welcomes scholars from leading research institutes around the world and policy practitioners from major international organizations to spend up to one year in residence. Together with the core research team, Graduate Institute faculty, and students, the selected visitors build a vibrant intellectual community advancing research on various aspects of global governance from different regional and institutional vantage points.




The Centre fosters interdisciplinary exchange through public seminars, roundtable discussions, academic workshops, think tank summits and conferences. The Centre also collaborates with representatives from the global policy arena, co-organising the International Geneva seminar series with the Director-General’s Office of the UN in Geneva, where policy practitioners discuss current challenges in the multilateral system, together with leading scholars of international governance invited by the Centre.