CTEI Working Papers










Global Value Chains and Product Sophistication - An empirical investigation of Indian firms

  Karishma Banga

Why is there so little litigation under free trade agreements? Retaliation and adjudication in international dispute settlement

  Geraldo Vidigal

Text-as-Data Analysis of Preferential Trade Agreements: Mapping the PTA Landscape

  Wolfgang Alschner, Julia Seiermann & Dmitriy Skougarevskiy

India’s proposal for Trade Facilitation of Services: A breath of fresh air for global trade?

  Aveek Chakravarty

Appellate Body Report on EU-Biodiesel: The Future of China’s State Capitalism under the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement

  Weihuan Zhou

A Framework for Rethinking NAFTA for the 21st Century: Policies, Institutions, and Regionalism

  Simon Lester and Inu Manak

Scotland and Northern Ireland caught between BREXIT, International and EU Law: Why a custom barrier within the British Isles might be unavoidable

  Mattia Costa

Services liberalization and GVC participation: New evidence for heterogeneous effects by income level and provisions

  Woori Lee

The Impact of New Regionalism on Global Value Chains Participation

  Stela Rubínová

The Politics of Dolphin-Safe Tuna in the United States: Balancing International and Domestic Constraints (1984-2016)

  Rodrigo Fagundes Cezar

Domestic value chains as stepping stones to global value chain integration

  Cosimo Beverelli, Robert B. Koopman, Victor Kummritz and Simon Neumueller

Free-Riding on Enforcement in the WTO

  Leslie Johns and Krzysztof J. Pelc

David & Goliath: How young competition agencies can succeed in fighting cross-border cartels

  Pierre M. Horna

UNFCCC Nationally Determined Contributions: Climate Change and Trade A TradeLab output

  Rana Elkahwagy, Vandana Gyanchandani and Dario Piselli
2017-01 A Portrait of Firms Participating in Global Value Chains  

Davide Rigo










2016-10 Global Value Chains in Low and Middle Income Countries   Victor Kummritz and Bastiaan Quast
2016-09 The Antitrust of Foreign Direct Investments vis-à-vis Energy and Sustainability Patents   Parham Fahang Vesal
2016-08 Towards an Integrated Database of International Economic Law (IDIEL) Disputes for Text-as-data Analysis  

Wolfgang ALSCHNER and Aleksander UMOV

2016-07 The Supplier Network of Exporters: Connecting the Dots  

Emmanuel Dhyne and Stela Rubínová

2016-06 The legitimate regulatory distinction: challenging the boundary between interpretation and law-making in the Appellate Body  

Vicky Heideman

2016-05 When Global Tax Reform Meets International Trade Rules: An Inquiry into the Intersection of the GATS and the BEPS Package   Weiwei Zhang
2016-04 Income Tax in the WTO – Substantive Reach and Rivaling Proceedings   Vincent M. Beyer
2016-03 Legal Forms of Negotiated Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) Outcomes – Perspectives on Trade Integration and an Incrementalist Approach to Quasi-Multilateralization   Amalie Giødesen Thystrup
2016-02 The Use of Economics in International Trade and Investment Disputes: A Coherent Way Forward   Marion Jansen, Joost Pauwelyn and Theresa Carpenter
2016-01 Do Global Value Chains Cause Industrial Development?  

Victor Kummritz










2015-10 Communication and Interpretation Challenges Related to Economic Evidence in Trade Disputes   Marios Iacovides and Marion Jansen
2015-09 The World Trade Organization and the Future of Multilateralism  

Richard Baldwin

2015-08 The new gold standard? Empirically situating the TPP in the investment treaty universe  

Wolfgang Alschner and Dmitriy Skougarevskiy


Framing the ‘Public Morals’ Exception after EC – Seal Products with Insights from the ECtHR and the GATT National Security Exception

  Julia Möllenhoff

Measures with Multiple Policy Objectives and Article 2.1 TBT Agreement – A Gatt-Like Balance, or a Likely Conflict, After Ec – Seal Products?

  Gracia Marín Durán

The Rule of Law without the Rule of Lawyers? Why Investment Arbitrators are from Mars, Trade Panelists are from Venus


Joost Pauwelyn


Cascading trade protection: Theory and evidence from the U.S.


Aksel Erbahar and Yuan Zi


Trade theory: the intuition, results and limitations of major economic frameworks


Etienne Michaud


Consistency and legal innovation in the BIT universe


Wolfgang Alschner and Dmitriy Skougarevskiy

2015-01 decompr: Global Value Chain decomposition in R  

Bastiaan Quast and Victor  Kummritz










2014-06 Trade Costs, Global Value Chains and Economic Development   Yuan Zi
2014-05 Global Value Chains: Benefiting the Domestic Economy?   Victor Kummritz
2014-04 Awarding Interest in Investment Arbitration   Enrik Haxhirexha
2014-03 Knowledge Spillovers Through International Supply Chains   Roberta Piermartini and Stela Rubínová

Emissions, Exporters and Heterogeneity: Asymmetric Trade Policy and Firms’ Selection

  Richard E. Baldwin and Chiara Ravetti

Unexpected Pricing-to-Market in Goods Classified as Homogeneous

  Valentina Rollo









2013-02 Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)   Isabel Lamers, Pauline Mcharo and Kei Nakajima
2013-01 Trade & Investment Treaty Implications of the UK Leaving the EU  

Katrin Fernekeß, Solveiga Palevičienė and Manu Thadikkaran














Temporary and Persistent Fiscal Shocks

  Sergio Sola
2012-13   Global supply chains: Why they emerged, why they matter, and where they are going   Richard Baldwin
2012-12   The Rise and Fall of (Chinese) African Apparel Exports   Lorenzo Rotunno, Pierre-Louis Vézina and Zheng Wang
2012-08   Canada – Certain Measures Affecting the Renewable Energy Generation Sector (DS412), Amicus Curie Brief?   Anastasia Smirnova, Pablo Bentes, Selina Bruderer and Weiwei Zhang
2012-07   International Harmonization of Carbon Pricing   Nichole Hines, Vy Huynh and Yuni Kimn
2012-06   Should Mexico join ICSID?   Larisa Babiy, Adam Czewoja Sheikh and Blerina Xheraj
2012-05   Counterclaims in Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) under International Investment Agreements (IIAs)   Dafina Atanasova, Carlos Adrián Martínez Benoit and Josef Ostřanský
2012-04   21st Century Regionalism and Production Sharing Practice   Yose Rizal Damuri
2012-03   International Production Sharing: Insights from Exploratory Network Analysis   Yose Rizal Damuri
2012-02   How Preferential are Preferential Trade Agreements? : Analysis of Product Exclusions in PTAs   Yose Rizal Damuri
2012-01   The Distributional Effects of Transnational Pharmaceutical Regulation   Ayelet Berman









2011-11   Does the Nature of Regional Trade Agreements Matter in Promoting Trade?   Sohaib Shahid
2011-10   Standards Under the North American Free Trade Agreement: Fair and Equitable/Minimum Standard of Treatment, Expropriation of Rights and Contracts, and the Standard of Compensation and the Determination of Damages for Violations of the Fair and Equitable/Minimum Standard of Treatment   Kendra Magraw, Victorino Tejera and Louis-Philippe Coulombe
2011-09   Issues and tensions in public procurement of ‘green innovation’: A cross-country study   James Brenton, Kamala Dawar and Jan-Christoph Kuntze
2011-08   The Role of Domestic Administrative Law in the Accountability of Transnational Regulatory Networks   Ayelet Berman
2011-07   The Legality of Exchange Rate Undervaluation Under WTO Law   Gregory Hudson, Pedro Bento de Faria and Tobias Peyerl
2011-06   The Public-Private Nature of Harmonization Networks   Ayelet Berman
2011-05   Informal International Lawmaking: Mapping the Action and Testing Concepts of Accountability and Effectiveness   Joost Pauwelyn
2011-04   Unilateral Tariff Liberalisation   Richard Baldwin
2011-03   Services Trade and Doha   Sübidey Togan









2010-34   Unilateral Tariff Liberalisation   Richard Baldwin
2010-32   How Preferential is World Trade?   Theresa Carpenter and Andreas Lendle
2010-31   21st Century Regionalism: Filling the gap between 21st century trade and 20th century trade rules   Richard Baldwin
2010-30   Chinese Networks and Tariff Evasion   Lorenzo Rotunno and Pierre-Louis Vezina
2010-29   Is EFTA still useful?   Victor Norman
2010-27   Design by Diffusion: The level of legalism in Dispute Settlement Mechanisms in Preferential Trade Agreements   Johannes Rühl
2010-26   Which future for Switzerland's Bilateral Strategy towards the European Union? A qualitative comparative analysis of agenda-setting   Pascal Sciarini, Cédric Dupont and Omar Serrano
2010-25   Embracing Free Trade Agreements, Korean Style: From Developmental Mercantilism to Development Liberalism   Min Gyo Koo
2010-24   Tedious agenda setting I: Insights from EU - Chile and EU - Mexico agreements   Cédric Dupont and Adina Ciolac
2010-23   Competence Shift on FDI from the EU Member States to the EU   Facundo Pérez Aznar and Tom Moerenhout
2010-22   Industrial Policy and the WTO with Special Reference to the Least Developed Countries' Exceptions   Antonella Angelini, Raymond Cambell Vidler and Ankai Xu
2010-21   The EU's Renewable Energy Directive - Consistent with WTO Rules?   Andreas Lendle and Malorie Schaus
2010-20   Informal International Public Policy Making - A conceptual view from international relations   Liliana Andonova and Manfred Elsig
2010-19   Informal International Public Policy Making: New International Law or Not International Law and Does it Even Matter?   Joost Pauwelyn
2010-18   Project Framing Paper   Joost Pauwelyn
2010-17   The Legal Form and Status of Informal International Public Policy Making Bodies: Transgovernmental Regulatory Networks and International Agencies   Ayelet Berman and Ramses A. Wessel
2010-15   Calculation of carbon content - practical issues   Thomas Rutherford
2010-14   Climate-linked tariffs and subsidies: Eco-legal interface   Patrick Low, Gabrielle Marceau and Julia Reinaud
2010-13   Climate-linked tariffs and subsidies: Economics aspects (competitiveness & leakage)   Peter Wooders and Aaron Cosbey
2010-12   Climate-linked tariffs and subsidies: Possible solutions   Gary Hufbauer
2010-11   Lessons from other International Environmental Agreements   Scott Barrett
2010-10   Sequencing regionalism: Theory, European practice, and lessons for Asia   Richard Baldwin
2010-09   Race-To-The-Bottom Tariff Cutting   Pierre-Louis Vezina
2010-08   Trade-in-goods and trade-in-tasks: An Integrating Framework   Richard Baldwin and Frédéric Robert-Nicoud
2010-07   Annual Update on Dispute Settlement   Event report
2010-06   Firms and the Global Crisis: French Exports in the Turmoil   Lionel Fontagné and Daria Taglioni
2010-05   Preferential Tariff Formation - The Case of the United States   Vivek Joshi
2010-04   Relocating the Value Chain: Offshoring and Agglomeration in the Global Economy   Richard Baldwin and Anthony Venables
2010-03   An Econometric Analysis of India-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement   Vivek Joshi
2010-02   Are Preferential Agreements Stepping Stones To Other Markets?   Ana Cristina Molina
2010-01   Migrant Networks as Substitute For Institutions: Evidence From Swiss Trade   Pierre-Louis Vezina









2008-02 Inherent Powers of and for the WTO Appelate Body   Isabelle Van Damme
2008-01 New Trade Politics After the Doha Round
(the related PPP of this event can be downloaded here)
  Joost Pauwelyn