CTEI Working Papers










Soft vs Hard Governance for Labour and Environmental Commitments in Trade Agreements: Comparing the US and EU Approaches


Vandana Gyanchandani


Gender-Inclusive Governance for E-Commerce


Amalie Giødesen Thystrup


Global Value Chains and Technology Transfer: New Evidence from Developing Countries


Davide Rigo


Customs Unions in International Law: From Concept to Practice


Michal Ovádek and Ines Willemyns


Trade Linkages and Firm Value: Evidence from the 2018 US-China “Trade War”


Yi Huang, Chen Lin, Sibo Liu and Heiwai Tang


The Evolution of the EU Law Against Criminal Finance: The “Hardening” of FATF Standards within the EU

  Leonardo Borlini and Francesco Montanaro

Busier Than Ever? A Data-Driven Assessment and Forecast of the WTO's Caseload

  Joost Pauwelyn and  Weiwei Zhang
2018-01 What Holds African LDC Exports Back? Translating Global Trade Alert Data into a positive Trade Agenda for Africa   Pamela Anne Bayona, Vincent Martin Beyer and Olayinka Oladeji









Using arbitration under Article 25 of the DSU to ensure the availability of appeals

  Scott Andersen, Todd Friedbacher, Christian Lau, Nicolas Lockhart, Jan Yves Remy, Iain Sandford

Global Value Chains and Product Sophistication - An empirical investigation of Indian firms

  Karishma Banga

Why is there so little litigation under free trade agreements? Retaliation and adjudication in international dispute settlement

  Geraldo Vidigal

Text-as-Data Analysis of Preferential Trade Agreements: Mapping the PTA Landscape

  Wolfgang Alschner, Julia Seiermann & Dmitriy Skougarevskiy

India’s proposal for Trade Facilitation of Services: A breath of fresh air for global trade?

  Aveek Chakravarty

Appellate Body Report on EU-Biodiesel: The Future of China’s State Capitalism under the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement

  Weihuan Zhou

A Framework for Rethinking NAFTA for the 21st Century: Policies, Institutions, and Regionalism

  Simon Lester and Inu Manak

Scotland and Northern Ireland caught between BREXIT, International and EU Law: Why a custom barrier within the British Isles might be unavoidable

  Mattia Costa

Services liberalization and GVC participation: New evidence for heterogeneous effects by income level and provisions

  Woori Lee

The Impact of New Regionalism on Global Value Chains Participation

  Stela Rubínová

The Politics of Dolphin-Safe Tuna in the United States: Balancing International and Domestic Constraints (1984-2016)

  Rodrigo Fagundes Cezar

Domestic value chains as stepping stones to global value chain integration

  Cosimo Beverelli, Robert B. Koopman, Victor Kummritz and Simon Neumueller

Free-Riding on Enforcement in the WTO

  Leslie Johns and Krzysztof J. Pelc

David & Goliath: How young competition agencies can succeed in fighting cross-border cartels

  Pierre M. Horna

UNFCCC Nationally Determined Contributions: Climate Change and Trade A TradeLab output

  Rana Elkahwagy, Vandana Gyanchandani and Dario Piselli
2017-01 A Portrait of Firms Participating in Global Value Chains  

Davide Rigo










2016-10 Global Value Chains in Low and Middle Income Countries   Victor Kummritz and Bastiaan Quast
2016-09 The Antitrust of Foreign Direct Investments vis-à-vis Energy and Sustainability Patents   Parham Fahang Vesal
2016-08 Towards an Integrated Database of International Economic Law (IDIEL) Disputes for Text-as-data Analysis  

Wolfgang ALSCHNER and Aleksander UMOV

2016-07 The Supplier Network of Exporters: Connecting the Dots  

Emmanuel Dhyne and Stela Rubínová

2016-06 The legitimate regulatory distinction: challenging the boundary between interpretation and law-making in the Appellate Body  

Vicky Heideman

2016-05 When Global Tax Reform Meets International Trade Rules: An Inquiry into the Intersection of the GATS and the BEPS Package   Weiwei Zhang
2016-04 Income Tax in the WTO – Substantive Reach and Rivaling Proceedings   Vincent M. Beyer
2016-03 Legal Forms of Negotiated Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) Outcomes – Perspectives on Trade Integration and an Incrementalist Approach to Quasi-Multilateralization   Amalie Giødesen Thystrup
2016-02 The Use of Economics in International Trade and Investment Disputes: A Coherent Way Forward   Marion Jansen, Joost Pauwelyn and Theresa Carpenter
2016-01 Do Global Value Chains Cause Industrial Development?  

Victor Kummritz










2015-10 Communication and Interpretation Challenges Related to Economic Evidence in Trade Disputes   Marios Iacovides and Marion Jansen
2015-09 The World Trade Organization and the Future of Multilateralism  

Richard Baldwin

2015-08 The new gold standard? Empirically situating the TPP in the investment treaty universe  

Wolfgang Alschner and Dmitriy Skougarevskiy


Framing the ‘Public Morals’ Exception after EC – Seal Products with Insights from the ECtHR and the GATT National Security Exception

  Julia Möllenhoff

Measures with Multiple Policy Objectives and Article 2.1 TBT Agreement – A Gatt-Like Balance, or a Likely Conflict, After Ec – Seal Products?

  Gracia Marín Durán

The Rule of Law without the Rule of Lawyers? Why Investment Arbitrators are from Mars, Trade Panelists are from Venus


Joost Pauwelyn


Cascading trade protection: Theory and evidence from the U.S.


Aksel Erbahar and Yuan Zi


Trade theory: the intuition, results and limitations of major economic frameworks


Etienne Michaud


Consistency and legal innovation in the BIT universe


Wolfgang Alschner and Dmitriy Skougarevskiy

2015-01 decompr: Global Value Chain decomposition in R  

Bastiaan Quast and Victor  Kummritz










2014-06 Trade Costs, Global Value Chains and Economic Development   Yuan Zi
2014-05 Global Value Chains: Benefiting the Domestic Economy?   Victor Kummritz
2014-04 Awarding Interest in Investment Arbitration   Enrik Haxhirexha
2014-03 Knowledge Spillovers Through International Supply Chains   Roberta Piermartini and Stela Rubínová

Emissions, Exporters and Heterogeneity: Asymmetric Trade Policy and Firms’ Selection

  Richard E. Baldwin and Chiara Ravetti

Unexpected Pricing-to-Market in Goods Classified as Homogeneous

  Valentina Rollo









2013-02 Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)   Isabel Lamers, Pauline Mcharo and Kei Nakajima
2013-01 Trade & Investment Treaty Implications of the UK Leaving the EU  

Katrin Fernekeß, Solveiga Palevičienė and Manu Thadikkaran














Temporary and Persistent Fiscal Shocks

  Sergio Sola
2012-13   Global supply chains: Why they emerged, why they matter, and where they are going   Richard Baldwin
2012-12   The Rise and Fall of (Chinese) African Apparel Exports   Lorenzo Rotunno, Pierre-Louis Vézina and Zheng Wang
2012-08   Canada – Certain Measures Affecting the Renewable Energy Generation Sector (DS412), Amicus Curie Brief?   Anastasia Smirnova, Pablo Bentes, Selina Bruderer and Weiwei Zhang
2012-07   International Harmonization of Carbon Pricing   Nichole Hines, Vy Huynh and Yuni Kimn
2012-06   Should Mexico join ICSID?   Larisa Babiy, Adam Czewoja Sheikh and Blerina Xheraj
2012-05   Counterclaims in Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) under International Investment Agreements (IIAs)   Dafina Atanasova, Carlos Adrián Martínez Benoit and Josef Ostřanský
2012-04   21st Century Regionalism and Production Sharing Practice   Yose Rizal Damuri
2012-03   International Production Sharing: Insights from Exploratory Network Analysis   Yose Rizal Damuri
2012-02   How Preferential are Preferential Trade Agreements? : Analysis of Product Exclusions in PTAs   Yose Rizal Damuri
2012-01   The Distributional Effects of Transnational Pharmaceutical Regulation   Ayelet Berman









2011-11   Does the Nature of Regional Trade Agreements Matter in Promoting Trade?   Sohaib Shahid
2011-10   Standards Under the North American Free Trade Agreement: Fair and Equitable/Minimum Standard of Treatment, Expropriation of Rights and Contracts, and the Standard of Compensation and the Determination of Damages for Violations of the Fair and Equitable/Minimum Standard of Treatment   Kendra Magraw, Victorino Tejera and Louis-Philippe Coulombe
2011-09   Issues and tensions in public procurement of ‘green innovation’: A cross-country study   James Brenton, Kamala Dawar and Jan-Christoph Kuntze
2011-08   The Role of Domestic Administrative Law in the Accountability of Transnational Regulatory Networks   Ayelet Berman
2011-07   The Legality of Exchange Rate Undervaluation Under WTO Law   Gregory Hudson, Pedro Bento de Faria and Tobias Peyerl
2011-06   The Public-Private Nature of Harmonization Networks   Ayelet Berman
2011-05   Informal International Lawmaking: Mapping the Action and Testing Concepts of Accountability and Effectiveness   Joost Pauwelyn
2011-04   Unilateral Tariff Liberalisation   Richard Baldwin
2011-03   Services Trade and Doha   Sübidey Togan









2010-34   Unilateral Tariff Liberalisation   Richard Baldwin
2010-32   How Preferential is World Trade?   Theresa Carpenter and Andreas Lendle
2010-31   21st Century Regionalism: Filling the gap between 21st century trade and 20th century trade rules   Richard Baldwin
2010-30   Chinese Networks and Tariff Evasion   Lorenzo Rotunno and Pierre-Louis Vezina
2010-29   Is EFTA still useful?   Victor Norman
2010-27   Design by Diffusion: The level of legalism in Dispute Settlement Mechanisms in Preferential Trade Agreements   Johannes Rühl
2010-26   Which future for Switzerland's Bilateral Strategy towards the European Union? A qualitative comparative analysis of agenda-setting   Pascal Sciarini, Cédric Dupont and Omar Serrano
2010-25   Embracing Free Trade Agreements, Korean Style: From Developmental Mercantilism to Development Liberalism   Min Gyo Koo
2010-24   Tedious agenda setting I: Insights from EU - Chile and EU - Mexico agreements   Cédric Dupont and Adina Ciolac
2010-23   Competence Shift on FDI from the EU Member States to the EU   Facundo Pérez Aznar and Tom Moerenhout
2010-22   Industrial Policy and the WTO with Special Reference to the Least Developed Countries' Exceptions   Antonella Angelini, Raymond Cambell Vidler and Ankai Xu
2010-21   The EU's Renewable Energy Directive - Consistent with WTO Rules?   Andreas Lendle and Malorie Schaus
2010-20   Informal International Public Policy Making - A conceptual view from international relations   Liliana Andonova and Manfred Elsig
2010-19   Informal International Public Policy Making: New International Law or Not International Law and Does it Even Matter?   Joost Pauwelyn
2010-18   Project Framing Paper   Joost Pauwelyn
2010-17   The Legal Form and Status of Informal International Public Policy Making Bodies: Transgovernmental Regulatory Networks and International Agencies   Ayelet Berman and Ramses A. Wessel
2010-15   Calculation of carbon content - practical issues   Thomas Rutherford
2010-14   Climate-linked tariffs and subsidies: Eco-legal interface   Patrick Low, Gabrielle Marceau and Julia Reinaud
2010-13   Climate-linked tariffs and subsidies: Economics aspects (competitiveness & leakage)   Peter Wooders and Aaron Cosbey
2010-12   Climate-linked tariffs and subsidies: Possible solutions   Gary Hufbauer
2010-11   Lessons from other International Environmental Agreements   Scott Barrett
2010-10   Sequencing regionalism: Theory, European practice, and lessons for Asia   Richard Baldwin
2010-09   Race-To-The-Bottom Tariff Cutting   Pierre-Louis Vezina
2010-08   Trade-in-goods and trade-in-tasks: An Integrating Framework   Richard Baldwin and Frédéric Robert-Nicoud
2010-07   Annual Update on Dispute Settlement   Event report
2010-06   Firms and the Global Crisis: French Exports in the Turmoil   Lionel Fontagné and Daria Taglioni
2010-05   Preferential Tariff Formation - The Case of the United States   Vivek Joshi
2010-04   Relocating the Value Chain: Offshoring and Agglomeration in the Global Economy   Richard Baldwin and Anthony Venables
2010-03   An Econometric Analysis of India-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement   Vivek Joshi
2010-02   Are Preferential Agreements Stepping Stones To Other Markets?   Ana Cristina Molina
2010-01   Migrant Networks as Substitute For Institutions: Evidence From Swiss Trade   Pierre-Louis Vezina









2008-02 Inherent Powers of and for the WTO Appelate Body   Isabelle Van Damme
2008-01 New Trade Politics After the Doha Round
(the related PPP of this event can be downloaded here)
  Joost Pauwelyn