Hosting the Final Oral Round



For several years students from the Graduate Institute have successfully participated in the ELSA WTO law moot court competition. In 2012 the Institute’s team even won the global championship. In addition, the Institute has been working closely with ELSA and the WTO to bring the Final Oral Round back to Geneva. Since 2013, the Graduate Institute is official host of the Final Oral Round.


The pleading venues



Teams from all over the world come to Geneva to participate in the Final Oral Round. Situated in ten minutes walking distance from the United Nations and the WTO, the Graduate Institute is an ideal location to host the Round.

Benefiting from its proximity to the WTO and other international organizations as well as law firms, the Graduate Institute is able welcome a wide range of experts in WTO law and practice acting as panellists for the Final Oral Round. For the participating students, the competition is thus not only an extraordinary opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of WTO law and to hone their legal and advocacy skills, but also an unique occasion to meet distinguished scholars and professionals in international Geneva.

The pleading venues offer a glimpse of both modern and historical Geneva. The 18th century Villas "Barton" (near the WTO and Lake Geneva) and "Rigot" (next to the UN) still today display the glamour of historical Geneva. This is complemented by the newly built Maison de la paix, which through its nature-inspired beauty has already become a new landmark in Geneva.



Prelimary Round in the Villa Rigot (left) and Finals at the WTO (right). (All pictures and videos apart from Villa Barton and the Maison de la Paix are courtesy of ELSA International).