Master Theses

Chatterson, Curtney (Development Studies)   Women's Empowerment through Microcredit: Measuring Fonkoze's Impact in Haiti, Supervisor: Martina Viarengo
Donohoe, Melissa (International Affairs)    Mission Impossible? Commercialisation, Competition and the "Dual-Mission" of Microfinance. Maximising Financial Performance and Social Outreach at Higher Levels of Financial Sector Development, Supervisor: Ugo Panizza
Girardin, Léa Clara (International Economics)   Decreasing Outreach to Improve Viability? An Analysis of the Effect of Requiring Security Deposits for Microfinance Institutions’ Loans, Supervisor: Lore Vandewalle
Herzog De Souza Lima, Sabrina (Development Studies)   Transparency at a Price: The Case of the Gold Supply Chain, Supervisor: Ugo Panizza
Marcelino Santos Lima, Vivian (Development Studies)   Business and Blending for Development? Donor’s Perspective in Private Sector Engagement and Innovative Development Financing for Post-2015 Agenda Delivering, Supervisor: Ugo Panizza
Mithbaokar, Serena (Development Studies)   Between Emergency Aid and Safety Nets: Impact of Food-For-Work Programmes in Reducing Chronic Food Insecurity and Vulnerability in South Sudan, Supervisor: Lore Vandewalle
Nakatomi, Gen (International Affairs)   Time Series Analysis on Causal Relation of Exchange Rate and Stock Price in Japanese Market from 2000 to 2015, Supervisor: Yi Huang
Perrett, Eva (International Affairs)   The Dark Side of the Moon? The Role of Shadow Banking and Regulation in Financial Stability, Supervisor: Jean-Louis Arcand
Priyadi, Amri Pitoyo (Development Studies)    Assessing Saving Behavior: Impact of External Fund Injection Into Savings Groups in Rural Cambodia, Supervisor: Lore Vandewalle
Anderson, Sheree (International Economics)   Mind the Gap: An Analysis of Financial Efficiency in Jamaica through Interest Rate Spreads, Supervisor: Yi Huang
Sinha, Tanvi (Development Studies)   Impact of Microfinance on Livelihood Security of Rural Women and their Overall Empowerment: A Case Study from Almora District in India, Supervisors: Lore Vandewalle, Martina Viarengo
Terblanche, Tascha (International Economics)   The Impact of the US Quantitative Easing Programs on Monetary Policy Independence in South Africa, Supervisor: Ugo Panizza
Zhirnova, Veronika (International Economics)   Capital Regulations and Bank's Profitability, Supervisor: Yi Huang




Theses completed in 2014 


PhD Dissertations

Chavaz, Matthieu (PhD International Economics)   Essays on the Consequences of Liquidity Frictions, Supervisor: Marc Flandreau, Cédric Tille
Elshair, Iman (PhD International Economics)   Essays in International Macroeconomics, Supervisor: Cédric Tille, Charles Wyplosz
Eugster, Johannes (PhD International Economics)   Essays on Safe Assets, Financial Development and Banking Crises, Supervisor: Cédric Tille, Rahul Mukherjee
Garbouj, Malek (PhD Development Studies)   Three Essays in Development Economics, Supervisor: Jean-Louis Arcand, Martina Viarengo
Gori, Filippo (PhD International Economics)   Real and Financial Integration in the Eurozone, Supervisor: Cédric Tille, Charles Wyplosz
Ziegelhöfer, Zacharias (PhD International Economics)   Essays in Development Economics, Supervisor: Jean-Louis Arcand, Martina Viarengo


Master Theses

Andreolli, Michele (International Economics)   Fiscal Multiplier with Sovereign Risk, Supervisors: Cedric Tille, Yi Huang
Collet, Léa (International Affairs)   Institutional Change in Times of Crisis - The Impact of the Eurozone Crisis on Economic and Monetary Union, Supervisors: Cédric Dupont, Charles Wyplosz
Deopa, Neha (International Economics)   FDI-Economic Growth Nexus: an Industry-Level Analysis of India, Supervisors: Ugo Panizza, Yi Huang
Federer, Karin (International Economics)   Relative Income and Financial Satisfaction: an Empirical Analysis from Switzerland, Supervisors: Lore Vandewalle, Martina Viarengo
Gezehei, Samuel (Development Studies)   The Role of Regulation and Supervision in the Development of Microfinance. The Case of Ethiopia, Supervisors: Lore Vandewalle, Gareth Austin
Han, Hyoungmin (International Economics)   The Effects of Exchange Rate Volatility on Exports during Banking Crises, Supervisors: Nicolas Berman, Rahul Mukherjee
Lizarzaburu, Andrea (Development Studies)   Entrepreneurship as an Engine for Development: Can Public Policies improve the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Levels in Developing Countries? The Case of Ecuador, Supervisors: Marc Flandreau, Gopalan Balachandran
Meuli, Jonas (International Economics)   Labour Mobility and Pensions in the Euro Area: Revisiting the Optimum Currency Area Theory, Supervisors: Cedric Tille, Slobodan Djajic
Ohanian, Jeremie (International History)   Les banquiers de la République et les affaires sous l'entre-deux guerres. Analyse des investissements en Pologne de la banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas, modalités, fonctionnement et contradictions, Supervisors: Marc Flandreau, Davide Rodogno
Peuch Neli, Dimitrova (International Affairs)   Formal versus Informal Financing in the Local Capital Market: Evidence from Chinese SMEs, Supervisors: Yi Huang, Martina Viarengo
Rohr, Samuel (International Affairs)   Private Equity Investments in Africa, Supervisors: Ugo Panizza, Lore Vandewalle
Signorelli, Sara (International Economics)   Giving Credit to Credit. A Difference-in-Differences Analysis of the Impact of Loans on Firm Performance, Supervisors: Lore Vandewalle, Ugo Panizza
Simou,  Evdoxia (International Economics)   Sovereign Debt Crisis and Social Impact: Empirical Evidence for Greece (2000-2012), Supervisors: Martina Viarengo, Yi Huang
Velazquez Carrasco, Mireille (Development Studies)   Exporting Mexican Small and Medium Enterprises: Main Hindrances and Current Situation, Supervisors: Nicolas Berman, Jean-Louis Arcand




Theses completed in 2013


PhD Disserations

Aladysheva, Anastasia (PhD International Economics)   Essays in Development Economics, Supervisor: Jean-Louis Arcand
Friedrich, Christian (PhD International Economics   Three Essays on Financial Integration and Heterogeneity, Supervisors: Cédric Tille, Charles Wyplosz
Rieger, Matthias (PhD International Economics)   Three Essays in Development Economics, Supervisor: Jean-Louis Arcand


Master Theses

Batista Guimaraes Fonseca, Camyla (Development Studies)   Fighting Poverty and Exclusion with Community Development Banks: A Case Study of Banco Palmas, Brazil, Supervisors: Martina Viarengo, Ugo Panizza
Condés, Sofia (Development Studies)   Impact Investing as a Strategy for Improving Lives at the Base of the Pyramid: The Case of IGNIA in Mexico, Supervisors: Martina Viarengo, Ugo Panizza
Mehrotra, Rahul (International Economics)   Financial Liberalization and Income Inequality in Emerging Economies, Supervisors: Ugo Panizza, Martina Viarengo
Ogawa, Ayako (Development Studies)   Financing the 'Missing Middle' : Getting Capital to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises beyond Microfinance The Case of Bangladesh, Supervisors: Ugo Panizza, Yi Huang
Rashi, Eric (International Affairs)   The New Architecture of U.S., U.K. and Swiss Banking: How Effectively do the Post-Crisis Domestic Regulatory Reforms Respond to Country-Specific Industry Needs?, Supervisors: Charles Wyplosz, Cédric Dupont
Saab, Nado (Development Studies)   Financing Green Economy: Mobilizing Private Investments towards Green Initiatives in the Arab Region, Supervisors: Jean-Louis Arcand, Martina Viarengo
Segura Cobos, Samuel (Development Studies)   Serving God or Mammon? The Corporation of Foreign Bondholders in the Apogee of Foreign Government Loans in the London Capital Market (1870-1898), Supervisors: Marc Flandreau, Gilles Carbonnier
Slomka, Daniel (Development Studies)   Rising Methods of Development Finance: An Assessment of China's Resource-Backed Loans with a Case Study of Ghana, Supervisors: Ugo Panizza, Jean-Louis Arcand