Jeudi 08 novembre 2018 - vendredi 09 novembre 2018

International Conference on Blended Development Finance and the New Industrial Policy

Jointly organised by the Center for Global Development, CDC Group, and the Centre for Finance and Development

How public and private institutions might work better together and propose concrete solutions to accelerate effective development financing.




The International Conference on Blended Development Finance and the New Industrial Policy, jointly organised by Center for Global Development, CDC Group and the Centre for Finance and Development at the Graduate Institute Geneva, is expected to launch needed research, generate productive debate, and foster long-term collaboration across the political and professional spectra.


There are a lot of issues to be tackled to get the private/public financing synergy to succeed. We will discuss the design of financial instruments for blending and how financing can be structured to maximize the development leverage of foreign and domestic funds. We will look for tools that assess whether public blended funds are in fact scaling up, not substituting for, private investment. And we will look for measurement methods to assess the development impact of the investments, both prospectively and retrospectively.

Among the specific questions we have posed to participants are:

  • What lessons does history have for development practitioners today?
  • What are the binding constraints to scale up effective development finance?
  • What types of investments have historically been associated with rapid poverty reduction?
  • What mechanisms can development financiers use to increase the likelihood that their investments are additional and don’t just crowd out the private sector?
  • Which blended finance instruments are best suited to which development objectives?
  • What are the drivers of success in public-private partnerships?
  • How should blended finance be adapted in fragile and conflict-affected states?
  • How can the supply of investment opportunities be increased?
  • How can development impact of private investment be best measured?
  • How can systemic impacts be captured?

Target Audience

By mixing academic sessions with a series of high-level policy panels, the Conference will bring together practitioners who work in private sector development and academics who are involved in setting up the institutions and procedures that will govern blended finance.


The 2-day conference will take place on 8-9 November 2018 at the Graduate Institute Geneva, in auditorium Ivan Pictet (2 Chemin Eugène-Rigot, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland).


NEW - CONFERENCE PROGRAMME (with papers and presentations)

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