Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou

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Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou
Contact: Email: Mahmoud.Mohamedou (at)

Dr Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou is Professor at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and was Deputy Director and Academic Dean at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. He is Visiting Professor in the doctoral school at Sciences Po Paris (2014-2015). Previously, he was the Associate Director of the Harvard University Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research in Cambridge (2004-2008), where he founded the Transnational and Non-State Armed Groups Project. He also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mauritania (2008-2009), Director of Research of the International Council on Human Rights Policy (1998-2003), and Research Associate at the Ralph Bunche Institute on the United Nations in New York (1997), and was Scholar in Residence at the Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies in Cambridge (1996-1997). His research focuses on political violence and transnational terrorism, the transformation of warfare, political liberalisation and transitions to democracy, and contemporary Middle Eastern and North African socio-political developments and conflicts.

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Field(s)of Interest:
  • Armed conflicts
  • Foreign policies
  • Multilateral diplomacy and negotiation
  • Political violence, terrorism
  • Religion and politics
Selected Publications:
  • L’Archéologie de la Soumission — Essai sur les Nouvelles Formes de Domination Mondialisées (forthcoming).
  • “Al Qaeda and the Reinvention of Terrorism: Social Sciences and the Challenge of Post-Globalization Transnational Political Violence,” in Jussi Hanhimäki and Bernard Blumenau, eds., International History of Terrorism – Western and Non-Western Experiences, London: Routledge, 2012.
  • “A Forgotten Debt: Humanism and Education, from the Orient to the West”, in Nayef Al-Rodhan, ed., The Role of the Arab-Islamic World in the Rise of the West, New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2012.
  • “The Iraqization of Libya”, Europe’s World, spring 2012, pp. 124-128.
  • Understanding Al Qaeda — Changing War and Global Politics, London: Pluto Press and New York: MacMillan, 2011; revised and expanded edition of Understanding Al Qaeda – The Transformation of War, London: Pluto Press and Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Press, 2007.
  • Contre-Croisade — Le 11 Septembre et le Retournement du Monde, Paris: L’Harmattan, 2011; revised and expanded edition of Contre-Croisade — Origines et Conséquences du 11 Septembre, Paris: L’Harmattan, 2004.
  • The Rise and Fall of Al Qaeda – Lessons in Post-September 11 Transnational Terrorism, Geneva Center for Security Policy, September 2011, 39 pages
  • “La Démocratie Arabe au Regard du Néo-Orientalisme”, La Revue Internationale et Stratégique, Special issue on the Arab Spring, 83, autumn 2011, pp. 85-91.
  • “The Militarization of Islamism”, The Muslim World, Special Issue on the Arabian Peninsula, 101, 2, Spring 2011, pp. 307-323.