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Koenraad Van Brabant 
Research Associate

Email: navigation360 (at) gmail.com
Phone: +41 79 776 94 37


Koenraad Van Brabant is a consultant at Navigation360 and an Associate of the European Conflict and Security Consulting Ltd. Originally having been trained as a social anthropologist in Belgium and the United States, he conducted doctoral field research in central Spain. He then completed a programme of Development Studies in Geneva and was involved in several veterinary and immunisation programmes in the rural areas of Afghanistan and programme works in the Somali refugee camps in eastern Ethiopia with the Save the Children Fund UK. He also served as country director for Oxfam in Sri Lanka during a new escalation of civil war in the mid-90s.

Koenraad has subsequently worked for different initiatives and organisations, including the Overseas Development Institute, the Humanitarian Accountability Project, and Interpeace. He has also served as a consultant for a wide variety of organisations such as the UN, the OECD DAC, European governments, international NGOs, and training centres.

With his over 25 years of working experience in and on conflict in more than 20 countries, he is an expert in humanitarian action and governance, specifically specialised in organisational and programme management, knowledge management, process and event facilitation, partnership-building,  training and evaluation, and research coordination and strategic advising.

See here for his homepage.

Field(s)of Interest:
  • Strengthening governance relationships through participatory approaches and civic engagement
  • The role of private sector in conflict, peace and governance
  • Contextual understanding and evaluative thinking in process and programme management
  • Strategic management for international development cooperation organisations
  • Enablers and obstacles in collaborative actions
Selected Publications:
  • See here for CV and here for the list of selected publications.