Daniele-Enrico Fino

Daniele-Enrico Fino
Research Associate
Contact: Email: daniel.fino (at) graduateinstitute.ch

Daniele-Enrico Fino has been a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies since 1980. His areas of expertise are international cooperation and the management of aid. He always had a close interest in the problems of Africa, Latin America, Asian and several Balkan states; he has undertaken medium- and short-term missions on different continents.

Since 2003, he has been managing both DFD and IMAS executive education program, which gave place in 2012 to the new DPP executive training programme. He was also responsible for managing several important international development cooperation projects and mandates (evaluation, institutional support, training,...) on behalf of the Swiss Confederation and for governments, NGO's, the ICRC, UNDP, etc. During eight years (2000-2008) he was Deputy Director of Administration & Finance of the Institut universitaire d'études du développement (IUED), now integrated into IHEID. Before starting at the Institute, Daniele Fino was a technical assistant for the Swiss government in Burkina-Faso and a technical adviser of the Minister of Social Affairs and the regional social administration (Tenkodogo) from 1977 to 1980. From 1973 to 1976, he served as a social-economist research fellow at the University of Geneva, the Department of Architecture of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and the "Centre Europe-Tiers-Monde" in Geneva.

Daniele Fino is a socio-economist by training from the University of Berne; he also has a Master in Public Administration from IDHEAP in Lausanne. Since 2013 he is retired but continues to teach occasionally and executes mandates as an independent consultant. Daniele Fino is an elected Member of the Communal Parliament of the City of Onex, participating on local development issues in Swiss context. He speaks fluently French, German, Italian and English.

Field(s)of Interest:
  • International Aid System: Actors, Instruments, Participation, North-South Relations, Challenges, Limits and Problems, Reforms
  • Strategic Management in development contexts: Identification, Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Negotiation
  • Institutional assessment of non-profit organisations
  • Articulation between Development Aid and Humanitarian Aid
  • The reinforcement of Micro-Finance by the Aid System
  • Capacity building / Role of adult training for development
Selected Publications:
  • AIDE AU DEVELOPPEMENT ET CONFLIT ARME AU BURUNDI, Pour quoi rester, comment agir?, Karthala, Paris, 2009, with J.E. Beuret. (This book is a capitalisation about a practical experience in Burundi combing development aid and humanitarian assistance in a conflict context)
  • Report on the Evaluation Mandate of the German programme "Ziviler Friedensdienst", Team leader Thania Paffenholz, et al. (2011): The German Civil Peace Service: Synthesis Report. Bonn: Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (my contribution was to cover the institutional aspects).
  • Impasses et promesses, L'ambiguité de la coopération au développement, sous la direction de Daniel Fino, Collection Enjeux, IUED/Nouveaux cahiers de l'IUED, Genève-Paris, 1996.
  • La démarche d’appui institutionnel aux services publics, in K.K.Hong, éd., Jeux et Enjeux de l’auto-promotion, vers d’autres formes de coopération au développement, PUF-Paris et IUED-Genève, 1991.
  • Le système de Programmation-Suivi-Evaluation dans une démarche d'appui institutionnel, (D.Fino, S.Ghinet), Itinéraires IUED, Pratique et réflexion No. 47, 1996.
  • Développement et urgence: le cas de l'OAP au Burundi, dans "Annuaire Suisse-Tiers Monde, 1999", No 18, IUED, Genève, 1999.
  • Le programme hydraulique Niger-Suisse (PHNS), Quelques leçons à retenir, in "Cahiers Africains d'Administration Publique", no 57, p.51-65, 2001.
  • Financer le risque : un nouveau projet pour la coopération internationale / La couverture du risque pour accéder à des ressources financières: l’expérience du Fonds international de Garantie (FIG) (D.Fino, Fernand Vincent), in "Autrepart", (44), Paris, 2007, p. 37-52.