Elisabeth Meur

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Elisabeth Meur
Research Associate

Email: elisabeth.meur (at) graduateinstitute.ch

Dr Elisabeth Meur has a background in Political Sciences and International Relations. She also holds a Master degree in Contemporary Arab and Muslim Worlds from UNIL and UNIGE (2007). She studied Political Psychology at the University of Stanford (Palo Alto) and Emotions in International Relations at the University of Washington (Seattle). In 2014, she completed her PhD in International Relations (Academy of Louvain, University of Namur and Tocqueville Chair in Security Policies), examining the Influence of resentment in the Lebanese-Syrian securitization. Her research stands right at the cross of Security Studies and Political Psychology and mainly focuses on the role of social emotions in conflict and post-conflict situations. She is particularly interested in the influence of complex social emotions following traumatic events on security and foreign policy. Her studies involve interdisciplinary studies in International Political Psychology and mixed methods from Social Sciences and Psychology. She has conducted empirical research in Lebanon and Syria since 2006 and currently holds the position of research project coordinator and lecturer at CERAH.

Field(s) of Interest

  • Political Psychology
  • Emotions in World Politics
  • Security Studies
  • Securtization Theory
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Middle East Studies (Lebanon, Syria)
  • Interdisciplinary Research
  • Research Methods
Selected Publication
  • Meur E. (accepted, forthcoming, 2017), “The main Contribution of Psychology to FP(A). The case of Emotions”, Special issue of The European Review of International Studies.

  • Baele S., Sterck O., Meur E. (2014), “The collective dimension of emotion in International Relations: Theory, measurement, and agenda. The case of the 2011 Palestinian statehood bid”. Journal of Conflict Resolution.

  • Meur E., Legendre M. (2013), “La psychologie politique internationale”, in Balzacq T., Ramel F. (dir.), Traité de Relations internationales, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po.

  • Meur E. (2013), “Resentment as an Emotion Regulation Strategy in International Politics: The Lebanese Syrian Relationship”, in Fantini B., Martin Moruno D., Moscoso J., On Resentment: Essays on the Cultural history of an omitted emotion, Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

  • Meur E. (2012), Liban-Syrie: inextricables destins? Etude des relations libano-syriennes de 1998 à 2006, Bruxelles, PIE Lang.

  • Meur E. (2010), “Rapprochement libano-syrien: une normalisation contrariée ”. Revue internationale et stratégique, N°77.