The Geneva Forum

The Geneva Forum was the brainchild of the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO), the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), and the CCDP. Its overarching objective was to progress towards a more secure world by facilitating dialogue and research dissemination on disarmament, arms control, peace and security. The Forum ceased its activities as of 2015 and some of its works have been continued by the Arms Trade Treaty Network.



The Geneva Forum formed a unique partnership between a non-governmental organization, an autonomous institute within the United Nations, and a research organization, each of which has been engaged in its own right in research, policy and advocacy on issues related to multilateral security and disarmament. These organizations pooled their extensive knowledge, skills and networks for their common work within the framework of the Geneva Forum, working together in the pursuit of four core objectives:

  • Sensitizing disarmament practitioners to new and emerging security issues and at building agendas around them;
  • Facilitating implementation of disarmament and arms control agreements;
  • Contributing to disarmament and arms control negotiations;
  • Enhancing dialogue and communication between the disarmament, development, human rights, humanitarian, and public health communities.


In carrying out this work, the Geneva Forum interacted with government missions to the United Nations in Geneva, UN bodies, international and regional organizations, NGOs and think tanks. The Geneva Forum also built bridges across the varied communities present and active in Geneva, most notably those engaged in areas relating to disarmament and arms control, human rights and international humanitarian law, and development.


Annual Activities Reports

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The Geneva Process on Small Arms