03 octobre 2018

New year, new challenges

For the start of the academic year, the Institute welcomed some 390 new students from all over the world, including around 60 PhD students and 320 Master students. In total, approximately 1’000 students are currently enrolled, the highest student enrolment to date. The Institute is proud of its global student body representing more than 100 nationalities, two-thirds of whom originate from countries beyond Europe.

Thanks to the breadth and diversity of its academic staff, the Institute offers an international and interdisciplinary environment and builds on fundamental social science disciplines, as well as international law. This unique offer provides students with distinct insights and critical knowledge that are indispensable for finding innovative and practical solutions to the challenges of today’s world.

Welcoming students to the Institute, Professor Andrea Bianchi, Director of Studies, said: “In a world experiencing dizzying technological transformation, environmental instability and climate change, and unpredictable repercussions from globalisation, the Institute hopes to imbue students with a sense of resilience in the face of new challenges, a feeling of responsibility to make the right choices and a belief in their capability to become actors in the determination of not just their own futures but also the futures of others in society, in the workplace, and in the community”.