30 mai 2018

Global governance and ‘technologies of expertise’

On 24 & 25 May, the Graduate Institute’s Global Governance Centre and NORRAG (Network for international policies and cooperation in education and training) hosted Technologies of Expertise as Technologies of Authorization: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Mobilization, Production and Impact of Technologies of Expertise by International Organizations. The event, organised by professors Annabelle Littoz-Monnet and Gita Steiner-Khamsi, presented new research on the politics of expertise, focusing on governance by numbers but also other technologies such as peer-reviewing, simulating and projecting, management and accounting tools, as well as visualization techniques, in order to examine how technologies of expertise are being used to authorise certain policy ideas or agendas in the global governance architecture.

Co-sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), the two-day exploratory workshop convened renowned Swiss and international scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds and explored the different ways technologies of expertise emerge, who they mobilize and empower, and what are their effects on policy. Learn more via the event programme, and from the short video below with University of Stirling’s Ben Williamson and Radhika Gorur of Deakin University.