03 mai 2018

GISA PhD Research Share event stimulates intellectual exchange

The Graduate Institute Students Association (GISA) organised its second PhD Research Share event on 13 April. PhD students from International Relations/Political Science, International History, International Law, International Economics presented and discussed their research with fellow researchers during panel discussions and poster sessions.

“The idea is to give students a platform to present their research in a supportive environment, before they move on to present their work in more challenging conferences”, says Salomé Tulane, GISA Vice-President for PhD programmes.

"IR/PS doctoral student Buğra Güngör received the prize for Best Thesis Poster for PhD students with his work titled Disaggregation of Electoral Violence: Inter-Party Contact, Economic Deprivation in Urban Areas, and the Issues of Initiation and Revenge."

You can learn more about the PhD Research Share in the short video with Salomé and Buğra below.