20 décembre 2016

Kofi Annan: we need better policy on drugs

Former UN Secretary General and Graduate Institute alumnus Kofi Annan visited Maison de la Paix on 15 December to address the failings in global drug policy.

Mr Annan was talking at an event marking the opening of the Geneva office of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, a group of political leaders and leading thinkers seeking to redirect the drugs conversation away from prohibition to a more balanced discussion.

“Current drug policies have resulted in the creation of a huge international criminal black market, corruption, violence, mass incarceration and massive insecurity”, said Mr Annan. “Drugs have destroyed many lives, but wrong government policies have destroyed many more. Policies must be reformed to ensure that they encourage prevention and treatment, based on evidence of what works.”

Mr Annan was joined onstage by former Swiss president Ruth Dreifuss, chair of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, and Institute professor Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou. The GCDP’s new report, Advancing Drug Policy Reform: a new approach to decriminalization, is available here.

You can watch a video of the event below.