Our Approach

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The Setting

Operating in today’s rapidly changing and interconnected world requires leaders adept at navigating across sectors, regions and cultures. Uniquely positioned in the heart of International Geneva, leveraging the Graduate Institute’s renowned academic network at the nexus of the largest concentration of international and multinational organisations anywhere in the world, our programmes provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to acquire the skills you need to successfully navigate critical global issues that will impact you and your organisation.


Our Focus

We focus on the intersection of markets, states and societies, where actors and agendas collide and where competition, collaboration and innovation on key global issues occurs. Our unique approach blends the teaching of innovative multidisciplinary perspectives on world affairs from leading intellects, underpinning your learning with the theoretical frameworks on which you will couple results oriented, solutions based skills and strategies from renowned practitioners.  Our programmes will challenge your assumptions and sharpen your skillsets. You will learn new approaches to real-world problems founded on rigorous analysis and practical application.


Class Experience

For individuals, through case studies and project-based learning, your journey will be experienced with and shaped by a diverse, select group of international professionals across all sectors. Our immersive experience presents you with alternative ideas and perspectives during intensive small group seminars (typically 15-25 people), interactive dialogues and in-class simulations where dedicated instructors are attentive to cultural diversity and your individual needs. For organisations, this same philosophy is brought to bear by renowned thought-leaders from across International Geneva, across all sectors and disciplines.