Our Facilities

Villa Barton

The Home of Executive Education


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Villa Barton, which houses the Executive Education programmes, was an important meeting place for visiting statesmen, politicians and diplomats to independently and informally discuss matters of world affairs. It was bequeathed to the Swiss Confederation by Mrs. Alexandra Barton, grand-daughter of the British Prime Minister (1841-46), Sir Robert Peel. Leased to Geneva by the Confederation, it became the home of the Institute in 1937.  The tradition of convening leaders from around the world continues today, through programme delivery and a wide array of events.  With the opening of the Graduate Institute’s new world-class research and teaching facility, the Maison de la paix, in 2013, Executive Education became the sole occupant of the Villa Barton and its adjacent teaching and accommodation facilities centrally located in beautiful parkland on the shores of Lake Geneva, where much of our programming now takes place. 


Maison de la paix 

The Home of The Graduate Institute


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Maison de la paix opened its doors in 2013. One of the remarkable architectural achievements of 21st century French-speaking Switzerland, it is the home of the Graduate Institute and host to a number of organisations active in the field of peace, international affairs and sustainable development.