LL.M. in Global Health Law and International Institutions

Joint Programme with Georgetown Law, Washington, DC



Health Law from a Global Perspective

The LL.M. in Global Health Law and International Institutions offers a unique opportunity to become a specialist in a rapidly evolving field of law and to study at the heart of global health law and policy-making.

Geneva is the home of international institutions such as the World Health Organization, UNAIDS, the World Trade Organization, and the International Labor Organization, which all play an important role in global health governance. Moreover, Georgetown University Law Center offers lawyers working nationally and internationally the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills through focused studies in core law and policy courses.

The LL.M. in Global Health Law and International Institutions provides a comprehensive approach to global health through the broad portfolio of courses available at both Georgetown and the Graduate Institute, which means participants receive a well-rounded training in health, trade, economics, intellectual property, and human rights, for example. Participants also complete an internship at an organisation that engages with global health health issues, which allows them to apply what they have learnt in the classroom, gain an insight into international organisations and to build their professional networks.



"Your time in Geneva will offer a unique prospect for you to develop an outstanding profile in global health law.”

Professor Gian Luca Burci
Legal Counsel, World Health Organization


“The Institute’s location in Geneva is a perfect setting to learn the intricacies of the major international organisations involved with global health. Due to their extensive experience in this area, the Professors at the Graduate Institute provide insider views on complex aspects of global health. Few lawyers can genuinely market themselves as a specialised attorney in the growing field of global health law. That is what makes this degree so unique as it provides a great opportunity to navigate an interesting and growing field that has a truly honourable mission. Additionally, Geneva is a vibrant city and is a place where people from all nations unite.”

Nichole Hines, United States
LLM in Global Health Law and International Institutions