Executive Course on Trade, Intellectual Property & Health Diplomacy

From 5 to 9 February 2018



Cross-border flows of goods, services, people and capital are affecting health through a number of channels. Access to fairly priced, high quality medicines are at the top of the international health agenda. Bilateral and multilateral trade agreements at various levels impact the health sectors. Not only are they increasing in number, but the content is evolving as well and now extends beyond the traditional trade areas, such as tariffs, services, and intellectual property.

Ministries of Health are facing the challenge of coping with the potential impact of trade agreements on national health policies and strategies and Ministries of Trade need to increasingly understand that existing trade instruments and intellectual property rights are central to ensuring equitable and affordable access to medicines. How can ministries of health and trade work together to seize opportunities and formulate a positive agenda for such negotiations? And how can they avoid national health measures from conflicting with international trade rules?

This course will address the above questions and will introduce participants to health-related IP instruments and mechanisms, while at the same time increasing the understanding of participants on the intersection between trade and health.

This course can be credited as an advanced module to the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Global Health Diplomacy. 

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