Faculty & Staff

Lead faculty & staff:


Davide Rodogno


Full CV accessible here

Associate professor (2011-2014) and full professor since 2014 at the Graduate Institute, Dr Rodogno serves as Head of the International History Department (2014-2017). His doctoral thesis was published in English as Fascism’s European Empire (Cambridge University Press, 2006).


Dr Rodogno was a Research Fellow at the London School of Economics (2002-2004), Foreign Associate Researcher at the Institut d’Histoire du Temps Présent in Paris (2004-2005), Academic Fellow - Research Council United Kingdom Academic Fellow - at the School of History, University of St Andrews (2005-2010), and SNSF – Research Professor (2008-2011).

Grantee of the Rockefeller Archives Centre in 2011, he currently is grantee of the SNSF ‘Sinergia’ programme on a project entitled Patterns of Transnational Regulations.

He researches the history of philanthropic foundations, transnational public health experts and the World Health Organization’s development programs during the Cold War.

In 2011 he published Against Massacre: Humanitarian Interventions in the Ottoman Empire (1815-1914), the Birth of a Concept and International Practice (Princeton University Press). During the summer of 2012 the Kofi Annan Foundation mandated Rodogno to write a report documenting the experience of the United Nations and League of Arab States Joint Special Envoy for Syria.

More recently, Rodogno co-edited and authored two volumes: one on Transnational Networks of Experts, one on Humanitarian Photography. He currently works on a third monograph tentatively entitled From Relief to Rehabilitation : Humanitarian Organizations’ Actions on Behalf of Civilian Populations in the Aftermath of the First World War.

He started an e-publishing project on the history of International Organizations and Development programs (1900s-1970s).



Lukasz Bochenek


Lukasz is Managing Director of Leidar Switzerland. He develops effective engagement strategies, processes and measurement frameworks for multi-national companies, NGOs and SMEs. In addition, he leads Leidar’s Netnograph project – a joint venture with Tree Intelligence which uncovers networks of influence between stakeholders and influencers.


Published author and speaker at international conferences, he is also a Global Shaper from the Geneva Hub, which is a part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

Lukasz holds a PhD in management studies from the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with highest distinction “summa cum laude”. His research focused on the role of organisational learning and Corporate Social Responsibility in corporate communication strategic management. He holds also a M.A. in communication from the University of Geneva, Switzerland.



Guillemette Carlucci


Ms. Carlucci has been managing executive education programmes for clients from corporations, governments and international institutions for the past 9 years.


She holds a Master's degree in international relations (specialisation in international law) from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, as well as a Master's degree in economics and management from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan & Université Rennes 1 (France).


The programme includes sessions with other Graduate Institute's professors, Leidar experts, as well as invited guests speakers (faculty or practitioners).