Alumni News Archive

United States Capitol
18 décembre 2018

Washington, D.C. Chapter Scholarship

Yondeen Phintso Sherpa, from Kathmandu, Nepal, is the 2018-2019 recipient

18 décembre 2018

Per humanitatem ad pacem – In Memoriam

Frédéric Maurice, délégué du CICR, 19 mai 1992 – Sarajevo 19 mai 2012

12 décembre 2018

Bern Chapter

Cédric Tille invited to speak at the 14th Bern Chapter reception

12 décembre 2018

Alumni Community Scholarship

Riddhi Pandey is the 2018-2019 recipient  

06 décembre 2018

Geneva Refugee Scholarship

Hafez Abuadwan is the 2018 recipient of this scholarship.

05 décembre 2018

New Delhi Chapter

Launch of the First Chapter in India.

Plaza Grande in Ecuador
29 novembre 2018

Quito Chapter

There are no less than six of our alumni working for the Ecuadorian State

28 novembre 2018

Women Founders

Meet Sandra Tobler, Co-founder and CEO of Futurae (MIR ’08)

27 novembre 2018

Collective Non-State Entities in International Law

According to the mainstream international law doctrine, collective non-state entities are essentially excluded from the regulatory reach of binding international law. A recent PhD thesis explores adaptations...

26 novembre 2018

How Can Energy-Pricing Reforms Be Socially Sustainable?

Energy-pricing reforms are indispensable for asserting the real economic value of natural resources and the transition to sustainable development. However, they are often controversial because they impact...