Thierry Zomahoun | DEA Development Studies 2004

President and CEO of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)

Thierry Zomahoun.jpgMy time at the Graduate Institute marked a pivotal moment in my academic and professional life; the knowledge, experience and leadership acumen I gained have propelled my success, whether it be speaking to presidents and prime ministers, interacting with policy advisers and programme managers, or advising students and lecturers. The Graduate Institute is a world-class academic institution that skilfully combines scientific excellence and accelerated career development: a formula that I have also emulated in the global education development initiatives I have led.

The Graduate Institute’s foundation, balancing theory, case studies and evidence-based methodology, has served me well. My passion for helping young people develop the leadership and technical skills necessary to lead their communities, economies and societies to be more equitable, prosperous and secure owes a great deal to the inspiration my professors, colleagues and scholarship provided when I studied in Geneva.

Upon completing my DEA at the Graduate Institute in 2004, I took on senior executive and leadership roles as country director, regional director, chief executive officer and board director for several international organisations worldwide. Through these positions I have become a strong advocate for science, business and innovation in leading Africa’s transformation. For example, working with the International Organisation for La Francophonie, I have applied a principle I learned about the importance of the link between sound education policy, investments in higher learning and the role of women in research and development as essential to transforming Africa to be the next hub of innovation in science and technology.

Today, as President and CEO of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Global Group, I am leading the AIMS Next Einstein Initiative, a pan-African education programme designed to train the next generation of African scientific scholars and leaders. I oversee the growth of a global network of world-class scholars and academics from 36 countries and hundreds of graduates from 41 African nationalities. AIMS has won international acclaim and recognition for its scientific training model for applied mathematical solutions to the development fields of greatest relevance to Africa.

I am also the Founder and the Chair of the International Steering Committee of the AIMS Next Einstein Forum, a global forum for science and the first ever to take place on African soil.

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