10 avril 2018

Meet MIA student Nahom Teklewold Gebremariam

Since 2013, the Graduate Institute community has mobilised to raise the funds to provide a full scholarship for a student. This year’s recipient is Nahom Teklewold Gebremariam, Master Student in International Affairs. An active youth leader, he served as inaugural chair of Youth For Change Ethiopia, and advocates for the rights of youth in Ethiopia and around the world.

Photo-boursier-communauté.jpgWhat is your background?
I am from Ethiopia and studied law at Addis Ababa University. I worked as a consultant in Addis Ababa for the International Organization for Migration and African Union, which gave me a chance to participate in various research projects involving the United Nations, African Union and other international organisations. I am also an active youth leader and represented youth networks in various international platforms including the UK Parliament and Silicon Valley.

Why did you choose to apply to the Graduate Institute?
It is the perfect place to study international affairs. Located in International Geneva, many iconic international organisations are a walking distance from the Institute. I am also well aware of its amazing reputation and the contribution of its outstanding alumni, including Kofi Annan and Carlos Lopes, Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Africa, to the global community. I want to follow their footsteps and contribute to the creation of a better world for all of us. Moreover, the Institute is composed of students from all parts of the world and the profile of professors here is second to none. This is an amazing opportunity for me to realise my dream.

How has this scholarship made a difference for you?
I am very happy and appreciative to be selected as the recipient of the Institute’s Community Scholarship. It means a lot to me as it enables me to focus on my studies and to get the best out of the learning process. I am so grateful for the trust and confidence put in me.

What is the focus of your studies at the Institute, and what do you plan to write your master thesis on?
I want to have an in-depth understanding of how the world works from a political and economic perspective. It is also my desire to understand the interaction of world politics and financial markets. I am interested in conducting research on European economic and political union and to draw important lessons for the African Union, which is attempting to bring African countries closer.

What are your plans for your professional career after your studies?
I have always been fascinated by policy research and would like to work as a researcher and policy analyst. I also want to get operational experience to better understand some of the most pressing international problems and come up with solutions, which the Graduate Institute is preparing me to do.

This interview originally appeared in Globe No. 21, Spring 2018.