01 mars 2018

Capstone project success for Institute students

Graduate Institute students presented their Capstone projects in December, with three projects receiving awards. Small groups of students had worked with partners from International Geneva to conduct research projects that respond to today’s global challenges.

Laura Biscaglia, Moritz Neubert, and Sai Chaitanya Gundimeda received first prize for Community Resilience against Violent Extremism: The Case of the Bahraini Opposition Movement, conducted in partnership with Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF). Iacopo Monterosa, Elizaveta Bekmanis and Efua Kweiba Quaye took second prize for Entrepreneurship in the Least Developed Countries in Africa, produced with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and Julius Schulte, Martin Weinberger, Luca Mango and Sebastian Guo were rewarded for Blockchain Technology and Emerging Markets, in partnership with the World Economic Forum. The poster winner for 2018 was awarded to the Small Arms Survey project Converging Agendas: Small Arms Survey | Women, Peace & Security | Sustainable Development.

“Capstone projects are partnerships that give our students a unique opportunity to conduct research on real-world challenges whilst providing partners with original research outputs from the next generation of international and development professionals” says Dr Claire Somerville, Executive Director of the Graduate Institute’s Gender Centre and Capstone supervisor. “Each year we undertake around 50 Capstone projects covering key global topics from gender equality and global health; migration and refugees; security, conflict and development to trade, finance and human rights”

New Capstone partners in 2017 included the Humanitarian Quality Assurance Initiative (Hqai) with a project completed by Irais Arenas de Ita, Karolina Krelinova, Erik Svanberg: Do humanitarian organizations assist those most in need? Measuring impartiality through management audit.

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Capstone Project: Community Resilience against Violent Extremism:

Capstone Project: Entrepreneurship in Africa: 

Capstone Project: Blockchain Technology and Emerging Markets: