Information for Parents


Choosing the right university is one of the most important decisions your son or daughter will make. We are here to provide answers to the questions you might have about the Graduate Institute, and to help and support families through a student's application process and during their time in Geneva.


The Graduate Institute is accredited by the Swiss Government and receives funding from the Confederation and the Canton of Geneva. It is managed by a private foundation and governed by a regulatory framework with a strong emphasis on efficiency.

Our programmes

The Graduate Institute specialises in the study of the major global, international and transnational challenges facing the contemporary world. We offer Master and PhD programmes in International Economics, International History, International Law, International Relations & Political Sciences and Anthropology & Sociology of Development. We also offer two flagship interdisciplinary Master programmes in Development Studies and International Affairs.

Our faculty

The Institute counts about 70 professors of diverse nationalities, academic backgrounds and scientific perspectives. Together, they offer a mix of academic expertise and professional knowledge.


Life in Geneva 

Living in Geneva means having Europe’s largest lake and highest mountains, urban parks and wild nature trails - at your doorstep. The Old Continent’s capitals are easily accessible from the city’s airport, a hub for low cost and major airlines. With almost half its population hailing from abroad, living in Geneva means experiencing international diversity and crossing cultures daily. And even as it bubbles with cultural and economic activity – home to the headquarters of multinationals, major banks and international trade – Geneva remains easy to navigate, with a dense public transportation network covering a small territory. Beautiful, comfortable and cosmopolitan, it is the one of the world’s smallest big cities.

Financial considerations and aid

The Institute invests considerable resources in financial aid, with the goal of attracting talented scholars from around the world, regardless of origin and financial ability. It does so through financial aid and paid jobs (teaching assistantships, research assistantships and administrative positions). In 2015, nearly half of our students received direct or indirect financial support from the Institute. While other institutions generally offer only tuition reduction, the Institute also provides a large number of cost of living scholarships of CHF 18,000 each.

We expect all of our students to contribute toward the cost of their education. Therefore, and in a spirit of responsibility and solidarity, each recipient of a full scholarship is required to pay an annual tuition fee of CHF 1,000.

Exchange programmes

The international mission of the Graduate Institute has allowed us to develop a significant network of academic partnerships throughout the world. The Institute has concluded exchange programme agreements with many prestigious partners and it provides students with the opportunity to attend a partner institution for one or two semesters while continuing pay our tuition.

Employment outcomes

Our surveys of graduates, carried out since 2008, show that almost all our students obtain volunteer, professional or internship experience during their studies. After graduation, the average time to secure employment for more than 90% of our students is 4 months or less.

Alumni testimonials

The Graduate Institute Alumni Community is made up of over 13,000 members who work in numerous sectors of activity in over 100 countries.

Through formal events and informal contact, our Alumni form a dynamic network of professional contacts; this is one of the lasting advantages of an education from the Institute. Parents are welcome to contact our Alumni Chapters and ambassadors for first-hand information.

Geneva as a professional hub for international affairs 

The Graduate Institute is located at the heart of international affairs. Geneva is home to the European headquarters of the United Nations and hundreds of international agencies, non-governmental organisations and multinational companies. The Institute is a short walk from the United Nations, the Red Cross, the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization, UNHCR and dozens of major agencies. This creates great opportunities for our students, for research as well as for professional development. Many of our students obtain paid internships and develop successful careers thanks to our strategic location.