Mercredi 11 avril 2018, 09:15 - 17:00

Youth Dialogue 2018 - The Diplomatic Kaleidoscope: A Reflection of Inclusivity

Junior Diplomat Initiative Youth Dialogue 2018

Today’s global geopolitical landscape presents a kaleidoscope of actors in an era of inclusive diplomacy. Governments, policy-makers, diplomats, businesses, and international and non-governmental organisations find themselves in an ever-changing landscape in which new, diverse actors are redefining diplomacy and addressing issues that are interwoven across nations, disciplines, and actors. Diplomacy today includes a range of diverse voices, including those of women, refugees, armed groups, scientists, children, and other citizens around the world, interacting with the diplomatic process in new, innovative, and interactive ways.

The Diplomatic Kaleidoscope: A Reflection of Inclusivity aims to create an engaging dialogue about the challenges and opportunities of the diplomatic sphere and equip aspiring diplomats with the practical knowledge and skills to create a positive impact.

Two panel discussions in the morning will be followed by an afternoon session with a choice between three practical workshops.

Panel 1 - The Power of Women in Diplomacy
Focusing on the increasing role of women in diplomatic efforts around the world, the gender evolution of diplomatic efforts and how a greater emphasis on gender can bring positive changes to diplomacy in the future.

Panel 2 - The Evolution of Diplomacy: The Case for Inclusivity
Exploring how diplomacy has evolved from a primarily state-led effort to an increasingly inclusive network of diverse actors, and on how to effectively create positive change in this new diplomatic world.

Participants will have the option of participating in one of three workshops. Workshops include both a theoretical and a practical component that will help immerse participants in the intricacies of diplomacy and teach them the real-world skills necessary for a career in international relations.

Due to the limited number of seats, participants are required to REGISTER HERE (priority will be given to students).

The Junior Diplomat Initiative (JDI) was founded by students at the University of Economics, Prague in 2011, before expanding to the Graduate Institute in 2013 and to Sciences Po Paris in 2015. It seeks to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge acquired through studying international relations and the practice of diplomacy, by facilitating dialogue and connections between students and the diplomatic community. Follow JDI Switzerland on Facebook!

Organised by Junior Diplomat Initiative Switzerland in partnership with the Graduate Institute.