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The Global Health Programme (GHP) was founded in spring 2008 as an integral part of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. Being one of the first institutions dedicated to international relations and development, GHP has been serving as the leading global organisation in the nexus of health and other sectors, such as foreign policy, trade and development. GHP has built partnerships with a wide-range of various actors at international, regional and national levels, both for research and capacity building activities. In 2015, GHP was recognised as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Global Health Governance and Global Health Diplomacy. In 2016, the Global Health Programme transitioned into the Global Health Centre in order to expand its activities, especially in research areas.

The strategic location of the Programme in Geneva – the ‘global health capital of the world’ – and in Switzerland, including the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, has been instrumental for positioning the Global Health Centre globally.

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Vinh-Kim Nguyen and Suerie Moon, Co-directors of the Global Health Centre


The Global Health Centre actively engages in applied research, policy outreach, knowledge diffusion and executive education in order to address the political challenges and paradigm shifts in global health. The centre expanded its activities over the years, especially concerning its work on global health diplomacy and its research on governance issues.

GHC Activities

World Leader in training global health diplomacy

The GHC is a leader in the field of global health diplomacy and has gained international recognition in this area: The centre was the first academic institution to run face-to-face executive courses in global health diplomacy, and has successfully done so since 2007. It has established itself as the entry point for global health diplomacy training worldwide, and has run executive training, high-level seminars and workshops in China, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Kenya, Moldova, the USA, Sudan, Switzerland, Turkey, Malta and Iran, among others. The GHC was also the first institution to develop and offer online courses on global health diplomacy in 2012.

Training at the GHC


Throughout the years, the Global Health Centre has positioned its activities within the context of International Geneva with the aim of strengthening Geneva as the “global health capital of the world”, working with some of the most influential health organisations based in Geneva. The centre is actively engaged in Swiss initiatives, such as the Global Health Forum led by the University of Geneva and the Geneva University Hospitals. In this context, the GHC signed a multi-year contract with the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs to strengthen “International Geneva as a hub of global health” in 2014. The GHC engages with a wide-range of actors and acts as a laboratory of global health innovation. The centre facilitates the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences, encourages the vast numbers of Geneva-based actors to work together on topics of common concern, and builds cross-sectoral synergies to address current global health challenges.

Directory of Global Health Actors


The research of the GHC is structured into several broad categories exploring:

  • The multiplication of actors on the global level and the new forms of governance for health emerging on the national, regional and global level.
  • Powershift between different countries and regions. What is the global responsibility of the rising powers and emerging economies?
  • The role of WHO, within the broader question for the role of the UN system and its specialized health agency. How should they be reformed to respond to rising accountability standards? How do international organisations need to change to be effective?
  • Health and foreign policy: How can ethical, economic and political considerations be balanced as the basis of every health policy?

Research Projects



Interested in research opportunities affiliated to the GHC?

We welcome applications from scholars with confirmed financial support seeking a research stay at the Global Health Centre as a visiting research fellow. Candidates cannot be accepted without a sponsor who is a member of the GHC, and are encouraged to contact members with complementary research interests before submitting an application.

We do not accept PhD applications. Students interested in pursuing doctoral studies at the Graduate Institute must apply through the Institute's disciplinary programs in Anthropology & Sociology, Economics, History, Law, or Political Science.





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