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Below you find papers, programmes and videos from past conferences organised by the Centre for Finance and Development.

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Through its conferences, the Centre for Finance and Development aims at strengthening the dialogue and cooperation among academics, international organisations, NGOs, diplomatic missions, financial institutions and the private sector.

Can Finance Aid the Poor? The Global Savings Glut, Finance, and Development
Lunch Briefing by Professor Nathan Sussman
25 February 2020


At the Lunch Briefing on 25 February 2020, CFD Director Professor Nathan Sussman discussed channelling savings from the wealthy for investment in the poor.

Presentation (PDF, 2.9 MB)

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Professor Nathan Sussman at the Lunch Briefing "Can Finance Aid the Poor?" (25 February 2020)

1st Annual Conference of the Private Sector Development Research Network - Private Enterprise and Inclusion
12–13 December 2019


Below, find the videos of some of the high-level panel segments of the conference.

Conference programme

This conference was co-organised with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the CDC Group, the International Growth Centre (IGC), IDB Invest, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), the Center for Global Development and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).

Development Finance Institutions – Role and Challenges in Promoting Inclusion: Panel discussion with Caroline Ashley, Liz Lloyd, Neil Gregory, Alan Rousso and Ugo Panizza (12 December 2019)
Measuring Investment Impact on Inclusion: Panel discussion with Emmanuelle Javoy, Alessandro Maffioli, Issa Faye, Miguel Laric and Leonardo Iacovone (13 December 2019)
What Have We Learnt about Making Private Investment in Emerging Markets More Inclusive? Keynote speech by Jane Nelson, Harvard Kennedy School (13 December 2019)
Pushing the Knowledge Frontier on Private Sector Development and Inclusion: Panel discussion with Nancy Lee, Dirk Willem te Velde, Debora Revoltella and Paddy Carter (13 December 2019)
Private Sector Development and Inclusion: Closing remarks by Hans Peter Lankes, IFC Vice-President (13 December 2019)

UNU-WIDER Annual Lecture with Santiago Levy
30 October 2019


The UNU-WIDER Annual Lecture 23 was delivered by Santiago Levy, main architect of Progresa/Oportunidades — Mexico's incentive-based health, nutrition and education program for the poor.

The title of his lecture was "Informality – Addressing the Achilles Heel of Social Protection in Latin America".

Download Santiago Levy's Policy Brief and the presentation (PDF, 1.76 MB).

This event was co-organised with the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER).

UNU-WIDER Annual Lecture 2019 by Santiago Levy: "Informality – Addressing the Achilles Heel of Social Protection in Latin America"

Social Impact Investment: The Impact Imperative for Sustainable Development
18 June 2019


Karen Wilson from OECD presented the OECD's new report on Social Impact Investment.

Download the report and the presentation (PDF, 1.8 MB).

This event was co-organised with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

SSES Annual Congress 2019 on Sustainable Development
13–14 JUNE 2019


The special theme of the Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics (SSES) Annual Congress 2019 was Sustainable Development.

Full programme (PDF, 350 KB)

International Conference on Blended Development Finance and the New Industrial Policy
8-9 November 2018


Below, you find recordings from the two high-level panels.

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Conference programme with links to papers and presentations (PDF, 386 KB)

This conference was co-organised with the Center for Global Development and the CDC Group.

Development Finance Institutions at the Crossroads with Nancy Birdsall, Colin Buckley, Alan Rousso and John Lipsky (8 November 2019)
Lessons from Blended Finance with Paddy Carter, Nancy Lee, Liang Wang, Kathryn Imboden, Shanaz Patel and Maria Teresa Zappia (9 November 2019)

2nd Interdisciplinary Sovereign Debt Research and Management Conference (DebtCon 2)
5–6 October 2017


This interdisciplinary conference joined the conversation across disciplinary and institutional lines, bringing together law, market, and policy practitioners with scholars in anthropology, economics, finance, history, law, political science, and sociology.

Full programme with links to papers and presentations (PDF, 504 KB)

This conference was co-organised with the Institute of International Economic Law at Georgetown University (IIEL) and the Faculté des sciences de la société of the University of Geneva.