Research Associate

Steffen JEnsen

Research associate





  • Conflict and violence

  • Torture and state violence

  • Displacement and refugees

  • Documentation and knowledge production in human rights

  • Urban and rural politics

  • Gangs, militias, vigilante groups and police

  • Corruption and violence as exchange relations

  • Development and human rights

  • Regional specialization in South Africa and the Philippines and secondary in Algeria and Denmark


Alain Tschudin

Research associate

Alain Tschudin



  • Conflict transformation

  • Peacebuilding

  • Human rights & International humanitarian law

  • Public policies

  • South Africa



Róisín Burke

Research associate

Róisín Burke




  • International law

  • Law of peace operations

  • Women peace and security

  • Rule of law and gender justice post conflict

  • Pacific, Timor Leste, Somalia, Nagorno-Karabakh



Agathe Mora

Research associate

AMora Nov




  • Legal and political anthropology

  • Administrative and international law

  • International institutions and corporations

  • Regulatory spaces and audit bureaucracies

  • Extractive economies and commodity trade

  • Human rights

  • Property

  • Europe, Kosovo, India




Jean Pascal Zanders

Research associate

Jean Pascal Zanders




  • Armament and disarmament dynamics

  • Terrorism

  • Foresighting analysis



Jordi Tejel

Research associate





  • History of the contemporary Middle East

  • Colonialism in the interwar era

  • Nationalism, minority conflicts, and political arrangements as a tool for conflict resolution in plural societies

  • Social mobilization, in particular student movements in the Middle East

  • State-building and Trans-border relations

  • Bordering processes and "frontier effects"



Fritz Brugger

Research associate





  • Natural resource governance

  • Illicit financial flows and the political economy of international tax policy

  • Policy coherence for development

  • Political economy of global governance


Alaa tartir

Research associate





  • Political Economy of development and international aid

  • State-building and governance in conflict-affected areas

  • Security Sector Reform and securitized development

  • Public Policy Analysis

  • Political Economy of the Occupied Palestinian Territory

  • Palestinian politics

  • Arab-Israeli conflict



Patricia Vasquez

Research associate





  • Socio-economic impacts of extractive industries, particularly in producing areas

  • Decentralization processes around the development of extractive industries

  • Minority dynamics around extractive industries

  • Conflicts and natural resource developments

  • Socio-political dynamics around natural resource developments



Brian ganson

Research associate




  • Business engagement in fragile environments

  • Organizational capabilities for effective engagement in post-conflict and other complex environments

  • The impact of donor policy, priorities, and recipient relations on the effectiveness of local efforts at the intersection of peacebuilding and development

  • Rights compatible, interest-based approaches to the settlement of company/community conflicts



Ibrahim Saïd

Research associate




  • Political Economy of development and international aid

  • Legal and political anthropology 

  • Anthropology of policy 

  • Economic anthropology 

  • Evidence based interventions and policy evaluation 

  • Post-colonial and settler colonial studies/ colonial governmentality 

  • Social and solidarity economy 

  • Preventing violent extremism 

  • Israel Palestine/ Middle East and North Africa



Robert watkins

Research associate




  • New approaches to Peacebuilding

  • Role of Land Ownership in conflict settlement

  • Digital literacy in the Prevention of Violent Extremism

  • Mediation

  • Role of the UN in World Politics, Conflict Prevention & Peacekeeping