Accelerated Master with the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale University

A cooperative agreement between the Graduate Institute, Geneva, and Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs allows graduating Yale seniors to complete a master’s degree at the Graduate Institute in one year after completing a bachelor’s degree in Global Affairs at the Jackson Institute.

  • Students selected for this programme will join the Graduate Institute after having completed their four-year bachelor programme at Yale. They will spend a fifth year of studies at the Graduate Institute in order to complete a master's degree from the Graduate Institute.
  • Ideal for Yale students who intend to pursue careers in international affairs/development studies, particularly in government agencies, public corporations, economic and development institutions, and related consulting organisations.




At the time of application, students must be in their final year of their undergraduate programme of study at the Jackson Institute and complete all Jackson requirements for the international development or international security track of the major. 

Four MA programme options are available:

*Please note that students interested the Graduate Institute’s disciplinary master programme must demonstrate a solid background in the discipline of specialisation. 

Each participating student is responsible for finding a master's dissertation thesis supervisor at the Graduate Institute within the first month of the programme, but students are encouraged to reach out to faculty well in advance.

In this one-year programme, students will typically complete five elective courses in the first semester and complete a master's thesis and internship/field work in the second semester. Students will also have the opportunity to take an optional French language course beginning in August before fall classes begin on 15 September.


Application and admissions


Before applying, interested students must first meet with the Jackson Institute’s Director of Student Affairs. The Jackson Institute will offer information sessions about the programme several times during the academic year. Interested students may also request a Skype call with staff from the Graduate Institute.

Students will be responsible for meeting all application requirements and submitting all materials to the Graduate Institute in Geneva. Admission into the programme is not final until the Graduate Institute approves the applicant’s file according to its prerequisites.


Tuition fees and financial aid


Students will pay all tuition and fees to Yale while enrolled as students at Yale. While enrolled as master students at the Graduate Institute, they will pay all tuition and fees required by the Graduate Institute. Need-based financial aid is available to students who qualify.




For more information, please contact :