Interdisciplinary Master in International Affairs

The Master in International Affairs is an intensive two-year programme offering an interdisciplinary approach to the study of global governance. The programme offers students a sound understanding of the actors, policies and processes that are shaping global governance today.

Master in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute, Geneva

Curriculum overview

The curriculum combines the integration of different disciplines, analytical rigour and methodological competences with substantive knowledge in thematic specialisations.

Together with professional skills workshops, the use of interactive pedagogical methods, a capstone project and a thesis, students will gain the conceptual and practical tools necessary to pursue leadership positions in diplomacy, international organisations, government and the private sector.

Student Placement after Graduation


  • The professional preferences of our MIA students after graduation are equally distributed across the public, the voluntary and the private sectors.
  • Most of our students working for the public sector are attracted by international organisations (55%), followed by foreign governments and the Swiss Federal Administration, which together account for 35%.
  • Almost one-third of our alumni opt for a career in the voluntary sector, of which 57% work at NGOs. 21% use their acquired academic knowledge to improve policy making by working at various think tanks.
  • Almost half of our students working for the private sector are employed by SMEs or similar types of companies, whereas 20% of our alumni working within this sector are recruited by banking, finance and insurance organisations.
  • 8% of our master graduates either continued their studies towards a PhD or conducted research work as part of an academic institution.


Information gathered since 2008.
Master in International Affairs

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Liliana Andanova


Prof. Liliana Andonova | Head of Interdisciplinary Programmes

Office: P2-641

The Head of Interdisciplinary Programmes sets the strategic direction of the curricula and is responsible for coordinating the overall academic content.



Antonella Ghio


Antonella Ghio | Department Manager
Phone: +41 22 908 58 15

The Department Manager supports the efforts of the Director and Academic Coordinator in the successful execution of the interdisciplinary programmes.

Silke Olsen


Silke Olsen | Academic Coordinator
Phone: +41 22 908 45 42

Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:30-15:30; Wednesday 8:30-12:30
Office: P1-557

The Academic Coordinator is responsible for the implementation of the programmes and the supervision of the Teaching Assistants. She further advises students on academic matters and coaches them in terms of career development.

James Sellaro


James Sellaro | Administrative Assistant
Phone: +41 22 908 57 40

Office hours: Mondays and Fridays, 9h00-12h30; Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9h00-12h30 and 14h00-16h30
Office: P1-313

The Administrative Assistant, the first contact point for students, provides information on regulations and administration, monitors the curriculum and compliance with deadlines, and handles requests for courses outside the Institute or outside the study plan. 

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