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The Centre is the Institute's research, training and capacity building programme focusing on global health governance and global health diplomacy.

The Global Health Centre provides a better understanding of the shifting power balance in global health. The academic analysis of challenges and shifts in global health governance contribute to the capacity building of decision-makers and government representatives, international organisations, global health initiatives and other stakeholders, such as civil society, foundations, private sector, platforms and alliances. By affirming itself as a leading research centre on health as a global governance challenge and a centre of excellence in global health diplomacy worldwide, the Global Health Centre broadens the understanding of global health, builds capacity, contributes to setting agendas in global health governance and diplomacy and fosters inclusive partnerships.

Being one of the first institutions dedicated to international relations and development, the centre has been serving as the leading global organisation in the nexus of health and other sectors, such as foreign policy, trade and development. It has also built partnerships with a wide-range of actors, both for research and capacity building activities. The GHC also acts as a neutral platform for policy dialogues, events and conferences.

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Achieving fair pricing of medicines

British Medical Journal

The British Medical Journal recently published a series of articles on fair pricing of medicines. This compilation articulates key concepts and exposes essential approaches for better access to medicines. Written by Suerie Moon, Alessandra Ferrario, Steven Morgan, Fatima Suleman, Tania Cernuschi and other authors, the publications outline evidence and further research that is needed to balance affordability and innovation of medicines.



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