Global Health Diplomacy

Orchestrating policy solutions for global health

Global Health Diplomacy occurs within a wide range of settings and topics, including migration, humanitarian settings, trade, human rights and more. All of these areas are interrelated to health and require new skills to navigate the different interests of the involved actors. The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Global Health Diplomacy provides the opportunity to learn about these current global health issues from renowned experts and diplomats, to reflect upon the interface of global politics and domestic policies, and to navigate complex governance systems to attain better health outcomes.

Who is this programme for?


Decision makers and representatives from:

  • Governments

  • International organisations

  • Global health initiatives

  • Other stakeholders in global health, such as civil society, foundations, private sector, networks, alliances and academia

  • Public and private sector with strong interest in global and domestic health laws and policies

  • Ministries of trade, commerce and finance involved in shaping and managing the trade policy for health and health innovation

programme Objectives


  • Understand the system and method of global health diplomacy and the importance of governance for health

  • Develop knowledge on the political determinants of health and engage in related cross-cutting themes

  • Learn about instruments, actors and venues of global health diplomacy in a changing international context

  • Enhance negotiation skills and practice strategic thinking in policy making on global health


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