RI-SP101 | Autumn | 3 ECTS

Security Fundamentals in the Post-Soviet Space

The post-soviet area is mercurial, politically and ethnically diverse, and enormously large extending from Asia to Europe. International community has repeatedly attempted to influence and manage the security processes in the area however its success has been rather meager and hardly measurable. The course is a cross-disciplinary field of study that invites participants to learn big about the security and military issues in the post-soviet countries. It offers unique and practice-based approach to provide a disciplined and methodological review of conflicts, insurgency, military reforms, defence cooperation and regional military build-up. It asks why and in what forms the actors be involved in conflicts and cooperation; it compares and evaluates the nature and patterns of security developments in political settings, from the level of the state through the regional security system. It explores inter alia the Russian military reforms and its impact on regional security; trends of jihadism in the post-soviet space; conflicts in Ukraine and Caucasus region; geopolitical maneuvers in Central Asia. The course fundamentally applies a methodology of security (occasionally military) and conflict analysis.