DI117 | Autumn | 6 ECTS

The Law of Nations in the 21st Century

The purpose of this class is to acquaint students with the basic principles of international law and its contemporary practice. It explores the structure of international law as perceived under the traditional approach and asks questions about the purposes of international law and the changing priorities that that may or may not be observed when different branches of this law collide. The course will cover the ground in Brierly's 'The Law of Nations', relying on the revised 7th edn,and questions some of the assumptions we make about the subjects of international law and suggests that adjustments to our thinking have to be made if we want international law to remain relevant to tackling contemporary issues in the 21st century. The basic principles of international law concerning: sources, statehood, territory, jurisdiction, the law of the sea, immunities, treaties, peaceful settlement of disputes at the International Court of Justice, and the rules on recourse to force will all be covered.