Yanina Welp

Yanina WELP

Research Associate
Spoken languages
Spanish, English, Catalan, German
Areas of expertise
  • Democratic participation
  • Representative democracy
  • Governance and state
  • Institutional design/change
  • Civil society, social movements and NGOs
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • South America
  • Europe

Yanina Welp joined the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy in September 2019. Between 2008 and 2018 she has been principal researcher at the Centre for Democracy Studies and co-director of the Zurich Latin American Centre (2016-2019), both at the University of Zurich. She finished her Habilitation (highest degree in the Swiss German academic system) in 2015 at the University of St.Gallen, with the venia legendi in Latin American Studies and she holds two Bachelor degrees in Social Communication and Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), and a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the Pompeu Fabra University (Spain).

Her main areas of study are the introduction and practices of mechanisms of direct and participatory democracy, and digital media and politics, i.e. ‘democratic innovations’. She has published extensively on these topics in academic journals and books.