Alice Baroni


Research Assistant
Spoken languages
English, Italian, French, Arabic
Areas of expertise
  • Armed conflicts, violence
  • Politics of culture and identity
  • Postcolonial State
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Middle East



Alice Baroni is a Ph.D. candidate in International Relations/Political Science at the Graduate Institute and a Research Assistant for the Violence Prevention (VIPRE) Initiative at the Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding.

Alice’s Ph.D. research explores the construction of the acceptability of violence and exclusion through a novel discursive-practical approach. Empirically, it investigates modes of hegemonic cooptation and counter-hegemonic resistance in the case of Israel-Palestine. Her broader research interests include political and structural violence, ideology and discourse theory, identity politics, colonialism and settler-colonialism. During her work within the VIPRE Initiative, Alice has engaged with cutting-edge situational-materialist and pragmatist sociological approaches to the prevention of torture and human rights violations.

Alice holds a Master’s degree in International Relations/Political Science from the Graduate Institute, as well as a Master’s degree with honors in International Relations from the University of Bologna and a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Milan. During her Master’s, she studied one year at Sciences Po Lyon, where she specialized on the Middle East and North Africa region.

Before joining the CCDP, Alice worked as a research consultant and as a project officer for non-governmental organizations both in Italy and in the Middle East. Her work experience includes teaching, training, organizing fund-raising campaigns and cultural events. Throughout her studies, Alice collaborated extensively with local organizations on issues such as social inclusion, right to housing, migrant integration, and the emergence of far-right movements.