Programme Overview

Module 1

- Context, Actors and Strategy Development -

Certificate & Master


  • Discover the complex web of actors at global and regional levels

  • Develop an analytical framework to build successful communication campaigns 

  • Through case studies, define and achieve realistic communication objectives and strategic approaches

Module 2

- Tools and Communications Strategies -

Certificate & Master

  • Be heard: generate immediate, strong, and sustained connections with your audience using multiple channels

  • Build your leadership skills to execute successful advocacy campaigns

  • Deliver clear and effective messaging  based on a practical approach

Module 3

- Fundamentals of Global Governance -

Master (online)


  • Understand the international system

  • Analyse the processes and actors of global governance

  • Master the fundamentals of international law, economics and political economy

  • Study hot issues and cases in global trade, health and environmental governance

Module 4

- Policy and Decision-Making Processes and Tools -


  • Get innovative tools for effective decision-making in complex environments

  • Practice techniques for multi-stakeholder engagement

  • Analyse decision-making at the international level