International Negotiation and Policy-Making

Negotiate and take decisions in a complex world

2019-2020 Course Dates

Module 1: 9 Sep. to 25 Oct. 2019 (Online)
Module 2: 19 to 29 Nov. 2019
Module 3: 19 to 28 Feb. 2020
Module 4: 21 to 30 Apr. 2020

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Who is this programme for?


Professionals in or aspiring to leadership positions in all sectors (international organisations, diplomatic missions, public administrations, non-governmental organisations, private sector) who wish to:

  • Become skilled negotiators in an international context

  • Learn how to take decisions in complex, unstable environments

  • Acquire a deep knowledge of geopolitical landscape and international affairs

Ivan Ng
I work in a transnational company with multiple stakeholders, global, regional, local and multi-functional teams. The INP programme has taught me how to navigate around this internal complexity towards a common consensus in multi-stakeholder environments.
Ivan Ng '18
Manager & Director, Johnson & Johnson, Singapore
Catherine Thompson
The teachers were really dynamic and available for any questions we had. You must find the time to take the INP programme, in my life it's one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done.
Catherine Thompson '18,
Senior Secretary, World Meteorological Organisation, Switzerland
Rogier Van Den Berg
The best thing about the INP programme is the people and the backgrounds of the people that it attracts. The fact that participants come from such different backgrounds says a lot about the course.
Rogier Van Den Berg '18
Programme Manager, UN habitat, Kenya

Programme highlights



Multi-level negotiations | Decision-making in complex environments | Multi-stakeholder engagement


Global governance | Policy analysis | International negotiation


Executive Master in International Negotiation & Policy-Making (Diploma of Advanced Studies | 30 ECTS)

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