Centre for International Environmental Studies
17 July 2020

The position paper on the revision of the energy law

The Head of Research of the CIES, Jöelle Noailly, participated on the position paper on the revision of the energy law from the Swiss Confederation in order to meet the objectives of the Paris climate agreement. However, Swiss academics claim that more important adaptations are necessary. 

Swiss academics support the adaptations of the energy law introduced by the Swiss Confederation to achieve the Paris climate agreement and welcome the targets for the expansion of renewable energies. However, even though it is a way forward, they claim that it is not enough and further regulations should be introduced to meet the Climate Paris Agreement.

To start, they urge the system to address a more complete revision based on a decarbonization strategy that is consistent over the long term and better coordination by setting the objectives of other sectoral policies. Then, it seems that the laws to address biodiversity protection are insufficient. As a response, the Swiss Academics stress the need to improve intersectoral planning, identifying conflicting objectives and coordinating the measures taken in the various fields to achieve biodiversity protection. Lastly, there is a need to establish a tax system to incentivise all actors to reduce their CO2 Emissions. The Academics regret that these kind of taxes do not play a more important role as had been foreseen in terms of climate and energy, which was rejected. Such tax can generate a capital that can be used to help emission managers to reduce them and to prevent further negative social spinoffs. 

To read to press release, please follow this link (French only).