MINT015 | Autumn | 6 ECTS

Statistical Methods for Social Sciences

Tuesday 10h15 - 12h00 Thursday 10h15 - 12h00 Please note, it is compulsory for all MINT students (MIA and MDEV) to attend BOTH lecture sessions each week. They must attend on Tuesday at 10h15 AND Thursday 10h15. This compulsory course is an introduction to statistical methods intended for students in the Interdisciplinary Master programs. The emphasis of the course will be on applications of core statistical ideas such as random variables, probability distributions, estimation, and hypothesis testing, to real-world problems. After taking this course, students will develop a deeper understanding of fundamental statistical concepts commonly used in international policy contexts; be able to apply these concepts readily to solve particular exercises; and master the implementation of a number of important statistical tools on a computer using appropriate software. Please note, students are required to attend two 2-hour lecture sessions per week.