Andrea Muehlebach Course dates: October 14, 15, 21, and 22. We live in volatile times. Many of us are asking the question of how we are to live together in light of enormous political, economic, and environmental destabilizations. Many others have watched - or participated in - the growing number of political unrests, riots, and insurgencies that characterize our world today. This course explores historical and ethnographic texts that seek to explain the politics, ethics, and tactics of a variety of political mobilizations. Organized around a set of keywords (Disruption, Assembly, Riot, Insurgency, Revolution, Violence, and Prefiguration), our discussion will range from Maoist rebels in India and indigenous pipeline politics in Canada, to the Egyptian revolution and anarchist mobilizations in post-Socialist Slovenia. It also takes a historical and theoretical look at 17th and 18th century bread riots and bandits, slave rebellions and the Haitian revolution. What shape has the political taken across space and time? What shape is the political taking today?