MINT131 | Spring | 6 ECTS

Race and Mobility: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

We are most of us mobile individuals. Mobility shapes our lives and experiences and makes us into who we are. We may also be im/migrants, exiles or refugees, though we may never experience the respective governance regimes, at least in the same way. This seminar therefore attempts to ask: what makes for these differences? What do they tell us about the governance of mobility and its underlying assumptions? How do the regimes structure what we know and cannot know, and hence public policies and resource decisions? Could the ways we study these issues themselves be part of the problem? Can we envision different ways to frame them? Taking historical examples over the past century or so, drawing on materials from across the disciplines and beyond them, and focusing on the theme of 'race and mobility,’ we will reflect here on some puzzles and paradoxes speaking to the liberal governance of mobility, and indirectly to the nature of liberal governance itself.