MINT081-3 | Spring | 3 ECTS

Personal Presence and Storytelling in Organisations

(ONLINE) 3 or 4 April and 24 or 25 April In this 3 ECTS workshop students will become aware, experiment and develop their personal presence which is crucial for engaging public appearances. Through a series of practical exercises, feedbacks and coaching, the workshop will familiarize students with the inherent power of their body language, voice and emotions, bringing out their unique personality and self-confidence in order to develop a connection to the audience. Among other things, the workshop will introduce the concept of business storytelling and helps the students cope with challenging Q&A. This highly experiential program is led by facilitators with a unique combination of experience in theater, business and education. Personal Presence and Business Storytelling links best practices from actor training with specific, actionable business behaviors to develop future leaders with a competitive advantage.