Department Seminars

The Department hosts a number of regular research seminars and workshops, alongside special lectures and conferences. Our regular series are:

Department Seminar Series - 'Vilfredo Pareto'

  • Department weekly seminar, invited researchers in all areas of economics present their latest work. The seminar takes place on Tuesdays, early afternoons. While mainly targeted towards an academic audience of economics faculty and graduate students, the seminar is open to the general public.


  • Our Department hosts the weekly Geneva Trade and Development Workshop (GTDW). Initiated in 2008, this is a joint project of the Graduate Institute’s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration (CTEI), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the University of Geneva and the World Trade Organization. The series features invited speakers for all over the world, working on topics in international trade and development economics.


  • CIES ECON Seminars: A series organised by the CIES aiming to bring top scholars in Europe to present their recent work at the frontier of environmental, resource and development economics.

Department Seminar Series | Fall 2019

The organizer for this academic year is Professor Julia Cajal-Grossi. If you have any questions concerning the event series, please send an e-mail to


September 17 | 14.15-15.45 | S5(Petal1)

Assaf Razin | Tel Aviv University

September 24 | 14.15-15.45 | S5(Petal1)

Nicola Pavanini | Tilburg University

October 8 | 12.30-13.30 | S4(Petal2)

Christian Fischer | University of Bayreuth

October 15 | 12.30-13.30 | S4(Petal2)

Nathan Lane | Monash University

October 22 | 14.15-15.45 | S5(Petal1)

Achyuta Adhvaryu | University of Michigan

October 29 | 12.30-13.30 | S4(Petal2)

Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr | Federal Reserve Board of Governors

November 5 | 14.15-15.45 | S5(Petal1)

Luca Dedola | European Central Bank (ECB)

November 12 | 12.30-13.30| S4(Petal2)

Isabelle Mejean | Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST)- Ecole Polytechnique

November 19 | 14.15-15.45 | S5(Petal1)

Stephen Machin | London School of Economics (LSE)

November 26 | 12.30-13.30 | S4(Petal2)

Giammario Impullitti | University of Nottingham

December 3 | 12.30-13.30 | S4(Petal2)

Johannes Boehm | Sciences Po

December 10 | 14.15-15.45 | S5(Petal1)

Mathias Thoenig | HEC, University of Lausanne

December 17 | 14.15-15.45 | S5(Petal1)

Rafael Lalive | HEC, University of Lausanne

Internal seminar series

We also organize a number of internal seminars, geared towards the participation and preparation of our PhD students


Brown Bag Lunch

  • Weekly series where professors and doctoral students presenting their ongoing research.

Macro Lunch

  • The Macro Lunch is an an informal monthly meeting aimed at providing a forum for students and professors to discuss current macroeconomic events, and questions relating to individual research.

PhD day and Development Therapy

  • Once a semester, PhD students present their research in front of their peers and faculty members.
Brown Bag Lunch - Schedule

Spring 2019

Prof. Jean-Louis Arcand, Chair of the Department of International Economics, talks about the internal seminars.
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