As part of the Master in Development Studies, students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of skills workshop facilitated by industry experts to help them acquire or enhance professional skills necessary for a career in development.  

Rolf Olsen | CEO Leidar introduces to his workshop 'Crisis Communication'.

Skills workshops are interactive teaching modules that put students into real-world professional situations. Each workshop is worth 3 credits.   



Workshop schedule Autumn 2019

Workshop Instructors

Crisis Communication

Rolf Olsen

Working in an international affairs position today, one needs to be prepared for crisis situations. We live in a society where we face increased volatility, be it because of conflictual settings, vulnerable economies or as a result of climate change.
Rolf Olsen
About the importance of proper communication in times of crisis

Personal Presence and Business Storytelling

Matthias Anderegg

People have to feel 'this is you'. It is not a presentation, rather a conversation with a few people. Keep the language simple and straightforward, and address the audience. Don't just talk to an anonymous body.
Matthias Anderegg
About how to present yourself well in an interview

Digital Communication Strategy

Michael Henley


Try things! If you think, "it might be better to post more to Facebook every week", do it and see how it works. If it doesn't work, stop doing it! It is not about getting things right the first time, it is more about getting things right eventually.
Michael Hanley
About the challenge of finding a successful digital communications strategy

Evaluation of Development Projects

Matteo Guidotti



I think a training in development studies is not credible without understanding what the key issues raised by an evaluation are. In addition, evaluation is one pillar of the Project Cycle Management. To have the proper tools to design, implement and measure the effects of a development initiative,  you must also have a clear understanding of how to conduct an evolution, from the theoretical, practical and field work perspectives. This is the main aim of this workshop.”

Matteo Guidotti
On what the workshop provides for its participants