Nadya Wells


Senior Research Adviser, Global Health Centre
Spoken languages
English, French, Russian
Areas of expertise
  • Global health
  • Finance and Investment
  • Biofinance
  • Corporate governance
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Former Soviet Union


Nadya Wells is an experienced finance and investment professional whose passion is building bridges to facilitate increased financing for global health. In recent years, she has worked on research with WHO on banking for health, community based health financing with field work in Tajikistan, new business models for NTD medicine R&D for a major pharmaceutical firm, and strategy for a donor government moving into Non-Communicable disease programs.

Her research interests are around the intersections of biomedicine and finance and she has taught at the institute in the area of Biofinance. She is currently working on the FINPHARM project, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, exploring the impact of Financialisation on Global Health through a series of pharmaceutical case studies where she is leading the work on anti-microbial resistance (AMR).

Prior to joining the Global Health Centre she spent over 20 years as a long-term investor in Emerging and frontier markets as a portfolio manager and governance specialist. Since 2014 she has pursued a plural career combining non-executive board roles in the financial sector in multiple countries with her academic work in Global Health.


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