ANSO121 | Autumn | 3 ECTS

Border Forensics: Documenting and Contesting the Violence of Borders at the EU's Maritime Frontier

Charles Heller Course dates: 15.11.2019: 4h, 22.11.2019: 4h, 29.11.2019: 4h, 6.12.2019: 2h Migrants' deaths have become a large-scale reality in several areas across the globe - mainly in border zones where the bodily movements of illegalised migrants from the Global South encounter the exclusionary regulations and bordering practices of states of the Global North. Across the Mediterranean, the most deadly of these zones of 'mobility conflict'€, more then 30.000 migrants' deaths have been recorded since the beginning of the 1990'. How can one understand the specific modes of violence operating at and through borders? What methods can help document them? To what extent can strategic litigation serve as an effective tool to contest them? This seminar will explore these questions by introducing students to the forensics approach developed within the Forensic Architecture project based at Goldsmiths, University of London, and discussing the specific methods deployed by the affiliated Forensic Oceanography project in relation to migrants' deaths at sea to account for and contest the EU's shifting policies between 2011-2018.