EI089 | Spring | 3 ECTS

Advanced International Trade B: Advanced Topics in International Trade

This course discusses recent cutting-edge research on empirical international trade, in a reading-seminar format. Emphasis will be placed on papers that study firm behavior and inter-firm relationships. We will start by studying the sources and implications of heterogeneity across firms, to then focus on single agent dynamic problems to then study the firm's decision to export and enter into different markets. We will revise methods of production function and demand estimation, as a way of measuring firms' heterogeneous productivity and quality and the impact of such heterogeneity on export performance. We will then study models of endogenous productivity, with specific attention to R&D and learning by exporting. Time permitting, we will look at information and contracting frictions in international trade. We will close the course revising recent papers on international production networks. The course will involve a mix of lectures and students' presentation, with strong emphasis on participation.